A Guide to Being Sustainable with your Swag


DGW Branded has curated a guide to help your company meet CSR goals and create a positive impact in the world. By cleaning your supply chain and using eco-friendly swag – you’re participating in one of the largest movements of our time, saving our planet. 

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Public attitude towards sustainable products and eco-friendly choices has only gathered momentum in the last few years.


In fact, it’s becoming more and more critical for businesses to adapt to sustainable promotional products in order to survive, never mind thrive


Corporate Social Responsibility is a way for businesses to promise customers that their commitment to a more sustainable future isn’t just marketing talk.


CSR is a contractual arrangement whereby a business proves it cares about their duty to protect the environment and their workforce. 

Each icon represents a different goal a company is working towards

Certified B-Corporation

DGW Branded is proud to be a certified B-Corporation, which surpasses our legal obligation when we recommend create our eco-friendly products.


Managing our operations in accordance with what’s responsible to our workers, our customers and the natural world isn’t easy, but we’re not alone. 


More and more companies are joining this modern approach to business, and in doing so becoming members of 1% for the Planet.


These pledges to corporate social responsibility are proving to the public that businesses can work in tandem with their local community to do genuine good and not just turn a quick buck.

Sustainable Swag

DGW Branded’s mission is not only to showcase our range of eco-friendly promotional products, but to advocate for change from the wider business community.


It’s not enough for us to pat ourselves on our back for the work we’re doing, rather we challenge companies to align their environmental values with their business practices.


We want to help buyers make responsible choices on branded gifts and elevate their marketing practices in a more sustainable direction.


Our team has sourced out some of our favorite eco-friendly products you can find here.


Cotopaxi Factory Workers
Eco-Friendly Sustainable Swag

Alternatives to Plastic

Most swag products are ‘quick thrills’ such as a cheap, plastic water bottle. After the initial smile it puts on the user’s face, it’s soon forgotten about. A majority of these products end up in a landfill within eight months. 


This is terrible, but thankfully organizations are exploring plastic alternatives to combat this rising problem.  Along with protecting the planet, it can also be a valuable marketing tool and revenue maker. 


We’ve seen an increase in wheat straw being used as an alternative to plastic. Wheat straw is produced from the stalk left over after wheat grains are harvested.


This bi-product is typically wasted, but technology has allowed us to reclaim this stalk and use it for promotional products. The technology gets as advanced as wireless wheat chargers!


We’ve got plenty of other options as well on our Best Alternatives to Plastics article.

Products doing Good

Whether we’re creating tighter communities, protecting the environment or advocating for social change, the power of B Corps as a force of good can transform business. 


We’ve been a certified B Corp since 2020 as a reaction to what we as a business saw as injustices that not only could be prevented, but should be. Instead of ignoring a crisis, we do everything we can to put the fire out.


For us, our ‘fire’ lives within the foster care system, and we’re determined to put an end to the negligence within this community. 


Thankfully, we’ve got some partners in (good) crime. 

More and more companies are joining our mission to balance profit with purpose. Companies such as Miir, SoapBox and Rumpl, help us in ensuring full responsibility for the entire supply chain – from sourcing sustainable materials, to treating employees like VIPs. 


Complete reliance on government or non-profits for the changes we all want to see, ignores the power of ‘good’ business as a global movement to push boundaries and set new targets. 

This is only possible through the B Corp movement. 


Find out more about how your company can join us in focusing on becoming a ‘good’ company, rather than a ‘great’ one. 

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