Being kind has been a hallmark of our company, because being kind has such a big impact on ourselves and those around us. 


We know that small acts of kindness can make the biggest difference in someone’s day; it shows them that they are valued, important and worth fighting for.


Be Kind to Others

Be Kind to Yourself

Be Kind to our Planet

We believe this so strongly that we created the "Be Kind" movement for our company.

Be Kind resonated with our employees as an important motto and has inspired many people since we launched it in 2013.


The phrase Be Kind is being used today in our business  through our products, people and actions we take every day. 


We can be kind every day. This is something everyone can do for anyone at any time. It is a social movement to foster kindness amongst all people. It can take one person, one product, one day, to truly change a life. 

Why the blue heart?


As advocates for former foster youth, we started off our business with a mission to better the outcomes for young adults who have gone through the system. 


Every May represents National Foster Care Month, a time to acknowledge the American children and youth in foster care. Light Blue Awareness Ribbons signifies the support and advocacy for this month. 


This is why we chose the blue heart to be our unofficial icon – signifying our support and every day fight to create impact. 

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