10 Incredible $1 Products for College Students

We all like a bargain, especially when times are tough. College students are penny-pinchers more than most and having to eat bowl after bowl of instant ramen is tough. That’s why finding a deal is so important, and picking up great products for under $10 can make our whole week. So imagine picking up something awesome for a $1?! 


That’s why we were committed to supplying college students with incredible products at jaw-dropping prices. These super useful college promo items can help students in class and to relax after.

1. Pricebuster Lanyard Maximum Savings

A lanyard is a really useful tool to help keep your items safe. For just a buck, this lanyard is handy when ensuring your campus card is secure, or knowing your keychain is safe thanks to its secure lock. 


Available in a variety of colors and with the possibility of custom printing, the options are limitless. Not bad for a buck.


2. Non-Woven Drawstring Cinch Backpack

If asked what goodies one can buy for $1 in 2021, most would either laugh or maybe suggest an instant noodle or postage stamp. Not many would say a drawstring bag, but that’s exactly what we have for your college campus.


Lots of colors are available, and there’s plenty of space for your company’s logo or message. A high-quality and durable design (honest!) means that even for a dollar this bag should last as long as a college course.

3. Round Stress Reliever

We all know the feeling. A distant deadline’s suddenly tomorrow, and passing the next science test seems impossible. We get it; college is stressful. That’s why our round stress reliever makes so much sense. It’s a fun way to promote campus spirit as there’s plenty of space for your school’s logo. Happily the round stress reliever is also just a dollar – so at least that’s one thing students won’t be stressed about.


4. Solid Color Sunglasses

One of the most popular ultra-cheap swag ideas for college students is a pair of our solid-color sunglasses. A bright idea is to customize the shades for the perfect beach event. Our solid color sunglasses may be cheap but there’s nothing shady about their quality. The glasses have tinted lenses for UV400, UVA & UVB Protection. Looking for an eco-friendly option? Check out our sunglasses made from wheat!

5. 8ml Hand Sanitizer Spray

Arguably the most important item on the list, our hand sanitizer is essential for every student. It lasts for a long time, and comes as a handy pen – it can even be refilled to protect the environment!


6. 20 Oz. Surf Bottle w/ Low Profile Push Pull Lid

Keep cool while looking cool with the Surf Bottle. Perfect for use whether for sports, or just chilling at the beach. Whatever the activity, its 20 Oz. size will keep your students hydrated all day.

7. Custom Printed Post-it® Notes

For a dollar, our post-it notes are probably the best price-for-useful college promo items. They can be so handy whether to scribble a reminder, academic facts, or just a quick doodle. If that doesn’t stick then remember that ours can come in any variety of colors you like!


8. iWrite Twist Action Metallic Stylus Gripper Pen

A sleek chrome design, rubber grip, and refillable black ink. What more do you need in a pen? How about a stylus tip – perfect for taking digital notes? Thankfully the iWrite has just that, making it ideal whether you’ve got a notebook or iPad. Psst… have you heard of the everlasting Rocket Book? The note-taking technology on this is out of this world.

9. Best Value Can Cooler

CAN you think of a better use of a dollar than keeping drinks cool all summer long? Despite the low price the foam’s premium and comes in lots of colors. For the ultimate college swag, imprints are available too, to make it truly customizable!


10. Mini Tri Highlighter

This highlighter’s pretty special as it’s actually three highlighters in one!


Choose from pink, yellow, or green from the triangle of colors – handy for categorizing college notes.

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