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10 Products That Care About the Environment

Nowadays, environmentalism is the talk of the town. Every day a greater number of businesses proclaim about reducing their plastic use and accelerating their use of renewable energy. This is great. The more companies that are demonstrating that businesses can be carbon-neutral and succeed, the more we can prevent the worst effects of climate catastrophe and help replenish our forests and coral reefs. 


Yet, while companies promise their environmental efforts are sincere, plenty are still just sprouting vague promises about meeting such and such emission targets in ten years’ time. Not all that helpful for the here and now. Furthermore, it can be difficult for us consumers to know which companies genuinely care, instead of those that are just jumping on the bandwagon and end up spending more marketing their ecological act than the money they donated to charity.


That’s why we created a list of our favorite businesses that have been going the extra mile since day one. We looked at how Rishi Tea & Botanicals are using Fair Trade tea leaves to make some of the powerfully fragrant teas in the world. In ‘Our Favorite Environmentally Friendly Businesses’ article we spoke about leading businesses that are collaborating with movements including 1% For The Planet. This organization gives all businesses and individuals an easy platform to donate a small portion of their profits to a charity that’s helping to create a greener world in the years to come. We mentioned top companies that we should support thanks to their commitment to this great cause, like Boxed Water


DGW Branded is committed to environmental protection that’s why we became a B Corp, so we can be obligated to care about the environment, not just profit.  It’s also why we felt compelled to write this second article. After all, the more we talk to each other about sustainable alternatives, the greater the prominence of these in mainstream consumerism and thus the better off we’ll all be. 


So, without further ado, let’s get started: here are our top ten environmentally-friendly products we should consider purchasing to make our lives a little easier and the world a better place for us all.

1. The Pearl Source - Tahitian Baroque Pearl Leather Necklace

As much as we all love pearls to mark our outfits at the peak of style and sophistication, they do get a bit of a bad rep. Like with diamonds, the practice of creating this fine jewelry is usually steeping in exploiting the earth’s resources… and those who do the hard work typically aren’t treated much better. What we want is to have the finer things in life without having to wreck ecological habitats along the way. Sounds too good to be true, right? Thanks to The Pearl Source, that’s not the case anymore. 


What makes this company stand out is how they only use sustainably sourced pearls in their creations to help preserve the planet. The Pearl Source also has its own non-profit fund, the ‘Power Pearl’ fund, which gives a portion of every sale to charities in need. Because pearls are often portrayed as ‘feminine power’ The Pearl Source includes charities that support women empowerment across the globe in their donations.


All that’s great, but we’re here to shop for some of the finest jewelry imaginable. For that special person (or to reward yourself) we have to say the Tahitian Baroque Pearl Leather Necklace is a great idea. It’s a lot more affordable than other pearl necklaces on the market, and because of its understated design, you don’t have to wear it for the once-a-year super special occasion. It’ll look just as assured with pants and a sweater as it will a ballroom gown. 

Pearls don’t have to cost the earth… or thousands of dollars

2. Toms - Floral Alpargatas

If we’re honest, we intended for our list to be of smaller companies to support, to help them grow and compete with their bigger, less eco-friendly competitors. We know that Toms is a bit of a household name these days but that just goes to show that there are no excuses! You can be a footwear giant, make a buck or three, and still be 100% responsible to employees and Mother Earth.


Like DGW Branded, Toms is a B Corp making a real difference. They donate a third of their profits to grassroots efforts to allow opportunities for everyone. Environmentally, they’re also at the top of the game. Its new collection of Earthwise footwear uses earth-friendly materials and practices to make as responsible mass-scale shoes as it’s possible to achieve. 


We considered products sold in this revolutionary collection for the list of our favorite eco-friendly products. They truly encapsulate everything we’re looking for when it comes to big businesses putting the environment before profits at all costs. 


While we recommend browsing their entire Earthwise collection to see which environmentally friendly shoes are your ‘solemate’, we’re going to pump for these women’s Floral Alpargatas. There are more discreet styles available but as they’re so eco-friendly we thought some delightful flowers will best show off your green intentions! They contain organic cotton while the outsoles are derived from the renewable source sugarcane! Looking the part while doing good is what we’re all about and so we can’t recommend these slip-ons highly enough!

These floral Toms will bring sunshine even on the most miserable of days!

3. A Good Company - A Good Mobile Case Emma Lindström Maiilaho V

A Good Company didn’t jump on the Green bandwagon to pat themselves on their back. They’ve been green from day one and do some truly amazing things to prove it. Just signing up to their digital newsletter guarantees that a tree is planted! 


Even though A Good Company can deliver to your doorstep, whether you live in Albuquerque or Zimbabwe, they guarantee to be sustainable on every step of the journey. This is because they have carbon-neutral shipping, so emissions used to deliver their goods are offset by environmental practices.

They do loads of other great stuff but we don’t have the space to go through all the exceptional things this company does to help sustain our planet. We suggest going to their ‘Who we are’ page to find out why this is a business we should all support.


A Good Company focuses on four main categories: phone cases, notebooks, pens, and cables. If you’re anything like us, nothing will put a smile on your face like a new notebook. These books are made of recycled stone (somehow) yet the paper is thick, and you’ll want to scribble away for hours.

But it’s their new collaboration with Swedish designer Emma Lindström that’s got everyone at DGW Branded talking. The patterns are super cool and are inspired by the deep, cool waters that the purchases of the case help protect. We love every case in this partnership, but as we can only choose one, we’re going to go for the Maiilaho V  that will protect your iPhone from knocks and bumps while also doing good for the planet. That sounds like a good deal to us!

Everyone at DGW Branded love showing off their iPhones in their new Lindström cases

4. Bumboo - Bumboo Single-Roll

Okay, so we know this isn’t exactly as glamorous as pearls, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth talking about! Bumboo has a pretty simple idea. Replace out paper toilet rolls with a bamboo alternative. Bamboo grows far quicker than other types of trees making it far more sustainable. Not only that but bamboo uses far less water and no harmful chemicals are used in Bumboo’s range. 


The paper’s surprisingly strong while being plenty soft enough for the job at hand. Just think: if everyone switched to bamboo for their dirty business, just think how many trees that would save. Bumboo is so committed to sustainability that they have even avoided wrapping the good stuff in loads of plastic in their packaging, helping to save the world one poo at a time. 


While the 24-pack is the best value for money, we’re going to put the Bumboo Single-Roll on our list. Wipe away and see if it’s for you. We’re pretty sure you’ll be ordering that 24-pack just as soon as you’ve flushed. Have you changed your roll to the bamboo experience? Let us know in the comments! 

Bumboo will help flush paper loo rolls into history with a far more eco alternative

5. Rapanui

Is there a more environmentally-friendly clothing brand on the market today than Rapanui? It’s a hard question to answer but they certainly make the case for being one of the leading brands that are committed to saving the planet while offering fashionable apparel for men and women. 


Fast fashion is the second biggest polluting industry in the world. Rapanui’s had enough, believing that throwing out perfectly good clothes is so out of date. They take clothes that would normally be chucked into the tip, and recycle them into fresh garments. To find out more about how this circular supply chain works, we suggest visiting the Ellen MacArthur Foundation once you’ve finished shopping! 

While Rapanui has the planet as its priority, you shouldn’t be thinking their products are therefore going to be dull and boring. Their printed tees are some of our favorites. From the cheeky, ‘This t-shirt is rubbish’ that’s made from clothes that were sent to landfills but found new homes. Check out these women’s shirts that feature an environmental slogan while being genuinely stylish and cool.


We have to go for the Men’s Recycled Organic Flannel Shirt as our winner. It’s ‘famously soft’ and has a lovely texture that in our humble opinion feels better than plenty of shirts in this price range that are ‘brand-new’. The fabric feels even softer when you’ve helped save a landfill from another load of trash!

Organic Flannel Shirts can be eco-friendly and a fashion statement thanks to Rapanui

6. Numi Tea - Golden Power Daily Super Shot

You can be sure of a few things when you shop at Numi Tea. A fine selection of fragrant, pure, organic tea. A company that cares about the environment and everyone involved in the process. Healthy teas to help everything from immune support to a delicious dandelion detox! But if you’ve got a sweet tooth there’s also a selection of high-quality drinking chocolates for that sumptuous evening treat. Our favorite is probably the ‘Touch of Chilli’ that can help with respiratory infections while spicing up the standard cocoa. 


While all their teas and drinking chocolates have health kicks alongside a wonderful taste, it’s not just the end consumer who benefits from Numi Tea. The company is proudly ‘beyond Fair Trade.’ This means that the positive impact they have for the community that grows their teas – such as fair wages and quality working conditions go beyond the requirements of the Fair Trade organization. 

For the environment, this B Corp is a global leader in rejecting the use of covering everything in plastic. Even their tea wrappers are compostable that with the rest of their eco-friendly packaging has helped save 3,000 trees from getting the chop.


Because we should all demand these sorts of efforts from every company, it’s necessary to support Numi Tea when we’re shopping for our healthy beverages. If you’re looking for our recommendation for your first purchase, we’re going to advise pumping for the Golden Power Daily Super Shot. If you’re anything like us, getting started in the morning can be tough. Our eyes are groggy, our yawns never-ending and coffees aren’t working their magic. These super shots are just what the doctor ordered. They deliver a real kick to get us going and ‘in the zone’. This one’s our favorite as the orange and turmeric delivers a zesty and powerful experience to kick us into gear and give us our morning Vitamin C boost!

A Numi super shot will slingshot you through even the toughest of Tuesdays!

7. Beyond Meat - Italian Style Meatballs

You’ve probably heard of this revolutionary company by now. For those who haven’t, and those who are still uncertain that it’s the real deal, this one’s for you. Beyond Meat is the game-changer we’ve been waiting for. No longer do we vegetarians have to look longingly at those tender, juicy burgers sizzling on the grill while we have to make do with a chickpea and lentil mush. These Beyond Meat products really do taste just as good as their animal counterparts. So good in fact, that Beyond Meat isn’t just marketing themselves to current veggie enthusiasts but even those who eat a farm’s worth of meat before lunchtime. It’s not just our farmyard friends that are rejoicing at the news. The whole planet will be a better place if we really do look beyond meat. 


Beyond Meat, products can use up to 90% fewer carbon emissions than beef. If you haven’t yet watched Cowspiracy you’ll now know that these vegan wonders aren’t only far healthier for us, but they use up way less land, water, and energy than raising a whole load of cattle. However fanatical you may be about steaks and sausages, you’ve gotta admit it does make quite a bit of sense. 


So, what’s our favorite in the Beyond Meat range? We’re going for the Italian Style Meatballs. They’re super flavorful and when we put these in our spaghetti with Mama’s secret sauce our dinner guests were shocked when we told them that no animals were harmed in the making of the meal! Pick up yours and silence meat-loving skeptics with delicious and healthy plant-based alternatives from Beyond Meat.

You won’t believe it’s not meat! These ‘meatballs’ are healthy, delicious, and far better for the environment than the ‘real thing’. What’s not to love?

8. Seventh Generation - Fresh Lavender Scent Laundry Detergent

Even Seventh Generation would probably admit that their range of products probably isn’t the most glamorous on the list. Seventh Generation may not sell pearls or fashionable clothes from junk, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less crucial in their contributions in helping to save the planet. The company is dedicated to creating innovative products like its concentrated laundry detergent that requires 50% less water and 60% less plastic. Considering only 9% of plastic is recycled worldwide, it’s about time that we look at alternatives. 


We love their Fresh Lavender Scent Laundry Detergent the most out of all their awesome eco-products. The detergent formulas are 100% biodegradable yet can get wipe out stains like you wouldn’t believe, and your kids can play soccer to their heart’s content with the knowledge that all dirt will simply vanish.

Getting rid of dirt shouldn’t mean tarnishing the planet instead… that’s where Seventh Generation shines!

9. Kula Bags - Salford Backpack

As you may know, Purpose Printery, our sister company, knows a thing or two about sustainable bags. However awesome this tote bag is, we’d be cheating a bit if we included our own products on the list (although you are welcome to check out our store). 


Kula Bags also offer a great selection of products that promises a leather-free future. All their bags are made from reinforced paper and are completely vegan. The paper material gives their bags a distressed look that to our minds modernizes the traditional leather style. 


Kula’s commitment to environmentally ethical business practices extends beyond its line of products. The paper that’s used in all their bags from Mini Pouch to Bridgewater Backpack is sourced from sustainable forests, in keeping with the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) requirements. 


As a result, you can pick up any of Kula’s selections and be confident that you’re carrying your goods and possessions knowing you’ve reduced your carbon footprint while being a fashionable urban shopper. We can only pick one product for our list, however. It was a tough decision but it’s the Salford Backpack that impressed us the most. We were shocked that despite being made from paper, the bag was super sturdy and had no trouble holding our groceries or our office essentials. It has all the space you need; a roomy interior for all your main supplies, a front zipped space for all the things you need in a hurry, and it even has a thoughtful secure zipped back pocket to ensure your valuables don’t get pinched. It comes in three colors, all of which are on sale, so grab one quickly before they sell out!

The Salford Backpack is a fashion statement and is ecologically brilliant!

10. Bakeys Foods

Have you ever heard of the term ‘looks good enough to eat’? Of course you have. Have you ever heard that apply to the cutlery you use for your meal… yeah, us neither. Somehow Bakeys has done it. Disposable utensils that instead of going straight to the landfill after one use you simply polish off as your dessert! Like the best inventions it’s both outlandish yet remarkably simple and one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ moments. “It is estimated that 40 billion plastic utensils are used and thrown away each year in the United States alone.” This fact alone should help push Bakeys and its wonderful invention to every office, picnic, and party. The taste of the spoons is supposedly sweet and has a mild, nutty flavor. We say supposedly because sadly these utensils are not commonly available, especially in the USA. The Indian company has been so overwhelmed with orders that supply hasn’t been able to keep up… to put it mildly. 


We know we’ve sort of broken our own rules by including a product that you can’t technically buy but we felt the more attention that’s on this company and the awesome ways that they’re trying to save the earth, the more funding that can be granted to achieve this. So, while you can buy all the other products on this list, for Bakeys it’ll be better to spread the word by sharing this article!

“Eat with a spook & eat up the spoon.” Sounds a bit better than chucking another plastic spoon in a landfill

A Final Note

Thanks to these amazing products, and the companies that have created them, there is proof that a better world is possible. We now have evidence that a business can make a profit while putting the planet first. We also have no excuses when shopping. No longer is a leather-free bag going to disintegrate after the first use. The days of non-meat bacon tasting like an eraser are long gone. 


Companies also have little grounds for getting out of doing their part. Studies find that 90% of millennials would choose environmentally friendly businesses over their non-sustainable counterparts any day. As consumers become more eco-conscious, and as we’ve seen in this list, the products are becoming of ever-increasing quality, we have to continue to support these ideas and forcefully stomp high-emission and plasticky nonsense in the ground.

Let's Do Good Together.

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