Let’s Source Sustainably: 5 Eco-Friendly Custom Kits for Your Business

Every business wants to go green but knowing the best ways to switch from plastic supplies to eco-friendly alternatives can be tricky. That’s why we’ve provided 5 sustainable kit ideas that put the environment first,

from packaging to products! 

Something pretty awesome is happening. Every Earth Day we celebrate the miracle of sharing our planet, while also shifting the public’s attitude toward how we’re treating our home. Although recent global disasters (justifiably) take all the headlines, quiet momentum has been gathering in the world of business. 


Consumers are trading their plastic bottles with a bamboo alternative – or even stitching up an old pair of jeans instead of jumping onto fast fashion. This trend isn’t just occurring for individual consumers. At DGW Branded, we’ve witnessed a growing percentage of our business clients request every item included in their custom kits be sustainably sourced. 


To help inspire (and prove to doubters you really can have incredible fully eco-friendly kits) we created this list. Five employee-focused custom kits that are filled with environmentally-friendly products.  


To make it the most eco-friendly experience imaginable, every aspect has to have the environment in mind. That’s why we recommend our greenest packaging yet. For every kit, we think our 100% recycled cardboard is the best idea for the box, with the fun filler being the plantable seed paper that’s available in lots of different colors! 

1. The ‘A tool and a treat’ Kit

Perfect for: Surprising employees to increase engagement

There’s never a bad time to give back to employees but now might be a better time than ever. With the majority of employees returning to work – at least on a hybrid basis – let’s give every employee the tools they need to boost their office productivity while giving them a treat along the way. 


The first sustainable item to be included is the bamboo flash drive. This is essential for workers needing to share data in the office. The sleek bamboo exterior is eco-friendly and durable – making it perfect for office use. 

Another use of sustainable wood for this kit will be for the Woodchuck journal. What’s super cool about this product is that for every purchase another tree is planted. Employees will love tracking how their journal is helping to regenerate forests! An included pen will be the journal’s best friend with its smooth ink roll mechanism. 


Arguably the star attraction is the Bellroy laptop sleeve made to be as sleek and yet incredibly durable. To complete the kit we think an aluminum water bottle will refill employee engagement now they’re back at work. Its hardened, durable design will ensure employees never reach for a disposable plastic cup ever again. 


2. The ‘Wahoo it’s Friday’ Kit

Perfect for: Helping employees relax and destress in their downtime

Allowing flexible work schedules, having a relaxed office environment, and therapy sessions are great for employees but stress and overwork can creep in no matter how much businesses try to prevent it. That’s why rewarding employees and giving them a gift for all their hard work is crucial in maintaining morale and motivation. For the ultimate way to help employees unwind, look no further than a quarterly Relaxation Kit. 


For inspiration, let’s start with the River Birch Candles Loose Leaf Set! Then add a pack of Partake Allergy Free Cookies for a crunchy treat to go along with the tea. Another addition is to include the Sprigbox Aloe Vera Grow Kit as a therapeutic way to easily nurture a little plant. The final act of indulgence is Nourish and restore gift set from Soapbox. All the items included in this Relaxation Kit derive from businesses that care. Whether it’s Partake Foods containing no nasty stuff in their ingredients or Soapbox donating a bar of soap for every order, you can feel assured it’s not just your employees that will benefit from these custom kits. 

3. The ‘It’s great to see you’ Kit

Perfect for: Welcoming employees to the office, whether it’s just a return or a new recruit!

Whether it’s heading back to the office for good, saying hello after an extended break, or even as a way to welcome new employees into the office, this Welcome Kit is the perfect opportunity at making the office a friendlier place to work. There are millions of DGW Branded options for this and you can splash the cash, give just a little something, or anything in between. For a budget option, you can opt for Woodless Artists Pencils to complement the Stone Softbound Notebook. A Wheat Straw Bamboo Ballpoint is a must if you want the kit to be truly eco-friendly. The show stopper is the bamboo USB charger that will be a great way for employees to stay connected while in (or out!) of the office.   

4. The ‘Show Stopping’ Kit

Perfect for: Creating the most hyped-up event possible!

Events, seminars (and even webinars) can be boosted by custom kits. Not only can these provide an incredible experience for attendees – we’ve found a way for all of these to be sustainably sourced. Arguably the most important inclusion is a business card. The Recycled Silk Business card is a lot more exciting than the traditional card due to its sustainable silk material and because an embedded QR code can send attendees right to your event. If it’s a physical show, a tote bag will allow them to bring everything they need plus one or two freebies! Virtual or not, snacks are an essential inclusion if you want to guarantee that attendees will be craving more of your business!  

 A custom-designed Hand sanitizer is also a necessity if we’re to keep everyone safe and healthy whilst attending. Completing the kit is a Seed paper wristband so they’ll be no issues with security!

5. The ‘More than just a coffee’ kit

Perfect for: Creating the biggest and best team-building experience possible

Team building experiences that involve getting a coffee together or a round of bowling doesn’t excite us at DGW Branded. For fellow adventure seekers looking at camping, white water rafting, or other wilderness adventures we have some incredible kit ideas for your business. What’s great is that while enjoying their nature activities, you’re directly helping to keep the ecological system alive. 


If the team-building activity is camping, our wheat straw bento box is a sure-fire way to guarantee staff have a place to store and eat their supplies without the need to go hunting. We’d unquestionably recommend adding a Wheat Straw Lip Balm to avoid employees cursing about how they forgot theirs! Finally, what’s a team-building exercise without a party? Celebrate a great day out in the wilderness, with the Zedd Outdoor Speaker with RGB Lights. Now that’s what we call a party in the forest! 


You could even include a couple of tickets for a sweet surprise when everyone’s had enough of nature and want to go bowling or head to the movies. 


One More Thing

Creating invaluable experiences for employees shouldn’t cost the earth. It’s why these custom kits are all created using sustainable products, without breaking the bank. This list is proof that no matter what your goals are with custom kits, there’s an eco-friendly way of wowing employees. If you’re interested in any of the ideas listed above or have your own ideas of how to boost your business’ engagement through custom kits simply fill in this form so we can begin creating fully-customized products for your business. Alternatively, call us on 949-354-0400 to speak directly with one of our experts.

As a B Corp, DGW Branded takes pride in thinking beyond profit. We want to see the world as equitable as possible, where everyone is given an equal opportunity to shine. That’s why we write articles such as this one. 

For our own company, we prove our commitments to this by hiring those from the foster care system to help pack our orders. Find out more about our workforce program, and how your purchase can help former foster youth here.

While we hope we’ve clarified some of the roles and responsibilities of each section of the B Corp movement, we’re always willing to help other businesses succeed in their societal and environmental responsibilities, please leave a comment if you have any questions.

Let's do good together.

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