50 Eco-friendly Promotional Products For All Business Needs

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Why it's time to go green

In 2022 there’s really no excuse for companies not to choose an eco-friendly product when choosing new products for their business. It doesn’t matter if this is print promo swag, what we’re selling to consumers or other businesses, or just supplies for the office. By eschewing plastic, you’re creating not just a better planet but also a powerful marketing tool by telling a growing number of eco-friendly consumers that your business is more than just empty talk when it comes to protecting the planet. 


There’s no denying the range and quality of eco-friendly promotional products. These premium-feeling items often go beyond the quality and durability of plastic, and we can’t wait to share our favorites with you in the three major business categories; direct-to-consumer and business items, promo material, and office supplies. Let’s take a look at our favorite sustainable corporate swag products!

20 of the Best Sellable Items

You don’t have to make products to sell products. A great business strategy is to take existing items and then add value to them before re-selling, whether as a B2B transaction or directly to consumers.  A common way to add this value is by incorporating custom print onto apparel to create unique items specifically requested by the customer. Other tactics include focusing directly on eco-friendly promotional products to differentiate from the competition. Now that we know the possibilities for these items, let’s look at 20 of the best eco-friendly promotional products to get started.

1. RPET Sherpa Blanket

This super-soft blanket feels extra cozy, safe in the knowledge that 1% of profits go to 1% For The Planet. It’s great as an eco promotional product thanks to the option to include a custom design, it’s also a great way to help employees feel snug and warm while in the office! 

2. Eco-friendly masks

With masks looking like they’re here to stay, it’s time to have this as a product your business offers to avoid missing out in this growing market. While they protect the end-user, the typical plastic mask wreaks havoc on the environment. Instead, choose masks that are recyclable and biodegradable and have the option of a custom design. 

3. Plank 5000 mAh Bamboo Wireless Power Bank

Never has a power bank looked so good while being a unique, eco-friendly alternative. It’s great as a B2B item with plenty of space to engrave a unique message on the renewable bamboo housing. 

bamboo power bank

4. Wireless Bluetooth Buds

This is an incredible direct-to-consumer product your business can offer. Those looking for premium, unique buds with incredible sound quality will look no further than your business. 

5. Miir Tumbler

One of the most popular B2B items is custom tumblers. Make sure your company is offering the best with the Miir Tumbler. An eco-friendly, B Corp product that will tell you exactly how your purchase has made a difference. These tumblers won’t be in your warehouse for long!

reusable miir tumbler

6. Bamboo waterproof speaker

This speaker has everything. It’s a premium-looking device constructed with bamboo. It’s a great way to have some fun and you may be surprised just how good this thing sounds. 

7. Wheatstraw sunglasses

Made from fully-biodegradable materials, these sunglasses are a must-have this summer for those who love green fashion. Look cool while keeping the planet cool – the ultimate win-win! 


8. Washable Kraft Paper Tote Bag

One product that can be sold to other businesses, or straight to consumers is the Washable Kraft Paper Tote Bag. This is universally adored thanks to its paper feel resembling leather in look and feel but without the environmental and ethical drawbacks. 

9. Air Plant

We’re pretty confident the Air Plant will be perfect for green-thumb consumers who want a bespoke and unique plant product. With customization options, this is a premium product for those who don’t follow the status quo. 

air plant

10. North Face Beanie

A beanie that’s made from 100% recycled fabric while having visible space for a brand logo or custom message would be an eco-friendly offering that could set your business apart from other B2B apparel providers. 

11. Stash Tea Cozy Gift Set

Stash is at the forefront of the tea industry in being progressive in its determination to measure the success of its business by its purpose, not just profit. This gift set would make a remarkable gift to employees at other businesses, making a custom option a potentially lucrative business decision for your company.

stash tea gift kit
sustainable soap kit

12. Soapbox Nourish and Restore Gift Set

Since day one, Soapbox’s business philosophy has been geared to benefit as many people as possible. For every soap purchased, another is given to someone in need. That’s why this gift set is more than two fragrant soaps and a luxury pouch, it’s changing lives. 

13. Bellroy 15” Laptop Sleeve

Quilted interior with a sharp and custom message on the outside, this sleeve does everything to keep a laptop safe while promoting a business’s brand awareness. It would make an ideal B2B product for all businesses wanting a gift for their employees.

cotopaxi fanny pack

14. Cotopaxi Del Dia
Hip Pack

Cotopaxi is a B Corp, carbon neutral business so you can be certain its eco-friendly credentials are amongst the highest in the industry. This hip pack is so fashionable it could be a straight-to-consumer product who desire a custom bag that’s as green as possible. 

15. Tentree Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Tee

If there’s one product that’s guaranteed to sell its tees. This means that tentree apparel can be customized for fashion-focused consumers and businesses that want an eco-friendly option for all their employees. 

16. Aft Recycled 15" Computer Modular Backpack

Computer Backpacks is an incredible way to impress and spread the word about your company. Sell these customizable recycled AFT backpacks at colleges or offices and you’ll be the go-to supplier for years to come! 

17. Zion National Park 14 oz Candle

Everyone loves a candle. Even more adored are candles that smell fantastic and are truly personal thanks to a customized case. 

18. GreenerPrinter Bulk Posters Printing

Custom printing on recycled paper sounds expensive but that’s not the case at GreenerPrinter. That makes your custom options incredibly competitive for consumers looking for an eco-alternative for their poster needs.

19. Goodies for Good Rume Snack Pack

Women-owned snack companies across the country came together to create this delicious snack pack. Pretzels, brownies, and tangy mustard compile some of the fantastic treats on offer. Would be an incredible sales idea to celebrate women-owned businesses. 

20. Recycled Bottle Phone Case

There are thousands of phone cases out there so it can be hard to stand out from the competition even with the best design or customer service. One way to truly market your case is by making it fully customizable and made using recycled bottles. 

Promo Material

If we’re going to market our businesses, we better do it right. After all, it’s arguably the most important way of growing your audience and increasing brand awareness. To maximize our marketing ROI we should invest in durable, long-lasting promo material that will attract customers for years to come. Another marketing strategy is to use environmentally-friendly materials to prove what your business is all about. So that’s what the next 20 products are all about. Green promo material for the ultimate trade show hit!

1. Chicobag Original Tote

All totes can be brilliant for business events. Because totes can be used at events to carry all the merch an attendee will collect, they’ll remain visible and attract new customers to your stand. This ChicoBag Original Tote is one of our favorites because it can neatly fit into a purse or pocket when it’s not needed. 

2. FSC Certified Plaques

Prove your business is one of the elites in the industry with these FSC Certified Plaques. For businesses that pride themselves on their awards, these plaques can showcase any awards or certificates your business has won. Stick these at the front of your stand and no attendee will leave unimpressed.

3. Bloomin Seed Paper Wristband

These wristbands are great for welcoming attendees to your event. They act as a constant reminder that your business is as green as possible thanks to their innovative process of using seed pulp to create their paper products. Now that deserves a standing ovation! 


4. 4 Oz. Hand Sanitizer

These days, going to events can cause more worry than excitement amongst possible attendees. Take extra health precautions for your staff and contacts by placing a few bottles of hand sanitizer available. Being a trustworthy and genuine business goes a long way these days.

5. Klean Kanteen Classic 27 Oz. Sport Cap

Another top tip to be sympathetic to attendees at trade shows is to giveaway these sports water bottles. It’s so important to stay hydrated at events, especially now with summer just around the corner. 

recycled hoodie sweatshirt

6. Tentree Space Dye
Zip Hoodie

Hoodies can be a brilliant item for festivals. It will keep employees warm and comfortable and can also be used as an incredible giveaway in a competition. This tentree design is made from 100% recycled polyester!

7. Apollo Wireless Pad

This one is more for your business’s staff rather than attendees. It’s crucial everyone is connected when working at events and this wireless pad can keep devices charged without the need for a charger! 

8. GreenerPrinter Recycled Silk Business Cards

Business cards don’t get much more stylish than the silk variety. With GreenerPrinters both silk and recycled, you’re getting the best of both worlds.

9. Karst Stone Bound Notebook

Keep organized at trade shows with this Karst Stone Bound Notebook. Make quick notes, scribble future plans, and create sketches, all while being stylish and on the finest, recycled paper.

10. Raining Rose Mineral Sunscreen Combo

A nifty way of helping protect customers from sunburn is with this sunscreen combo. It’s portable so can be carried around all day, making it extremely efficient for the whole event.

11. RPET Ballpoint Pen

To write the highest quality notes, you need the best pen for the job. This ballpoint has a comfortable handle so it can be used all day, and as it’s made from 48% recycled material it’s less of an environmental concern compared with traditional ballpoints.

12. Wheat straw Bento Box

This is something you can provide for your workers’ lunch to show your appreciation for their hard work during the event. It looks incredible in a light wheat straw finish and can eliminate all the plastic usually associated with the take-out lunch. 

13. Bellroy Classic Pouch

This is something that is a dream winner’s item for trade show competitions. It can keep a smartphone, wallet, and cables safe as the lucky winner goes around the event. Because it’s Bellroy, durability and premium materials are a guarantee. 


14. Miir 2L Sling Bag

Another idea for a carry bag as a potential giveaway item is Miir’s Sling bag. This is a bit bigger than the classic pouch by Bellroy so could fit a few other event freebies. With plenty of space for your brand’s logo, you’ll be noticed wherever they go. 

15. Bamboo Retractable Banner

There’s no point in attending events if you don’t want maximum awareness about why your business is so awesome. This banner does both – it’s big, high-quality vinyl for a custom print of your brand logo and/or message. The bamboo stand is what you need if you want your brand to be instantly renowned as an eco-conscious business.


16. RPET Table Throw

Available in 6 or 8ft, this table throw will put your competitors’ bare tables to shame. It’s a thick throw that exudes quality with your brand identity clearly visible. 

17. Recycled Falconboard Posters

We’re not overselling when we say these posters can multiply the number of people interested in your trade show stand. They create a visually-stimulating experience for consumers to learn more about your business and be inspired by your mission objectives.

recycled paper notepad

18. Recycled Adhesive Notepad

This is a pretty fun way of getting to-do ideas stuck on the wall (and your head!) These adhesive notepads are a must if you want to stay organized and keep on track of the million-and-one things that are needed to have a successful event

19. Zero Waste Stickers

These stickers are a really fun way of interacting with consumers at events. Kids will love them and everyone will be impressed with the fact that these stickers are made entirely from post-consumer waste!

20. Recycled Paper Brochure

Without a doubt, the best way for consumers to find all relevant business information at your event is through the brochure. Depending on your budget, you can have a few available to read at the stand, or print hundreds and encourage consumers to pick up and find more about your business event when they’re away from your stand. 

Office Supplies

Offices are about to become a lot more enjoyable places (and far better for the environment) if these ten products are added. With employees returning to the workplace, it’s time they got modernized to have everything the contemporary employee needs to be productive, while also caring for their physical and mental wellbeing. 

1. Ekobo 25 oz Lunch and Heat Safe Bowl

This Ekobo 25oz Lunch and Heat Safe Bowl includes Ekobo’s signature bamboo base with a silicone lid and roomy food compartment. No worries about microwaving food, making this bowl a must-have for every employee.


2. Sprigbox Aloe Vera Grow Kit

More than ever we’re aware of what we need to do to help our employees feel mentally strong while they’re at work. An all-inclusive garden kit water and sunshine are needed to add calm and serenity to an employee’s desk. 

3. Bamboo Flash Drive

A bespoke bamboo flash drive will be an invaluable tool for your employees to be productive while saving the planet. Attached to the keyring, it’s a thoughtful something to help all members of staff with day-to-day essentials.

4. Charging Mousepad

Full vegan leather not enough to tempt your business into providing these mousepads for employees? That’s okay, this awesome device can even charge devices while working. It really is the dream for eco-friendly employees and tech enthusiasts alike!

5. Klean Kanteen Insulated Classic 20oz -Loop cap

There are a few reasons why Klean Kanteen’s insulated water bottle makes our list. The robust bottle and loop cap will keep drinks safe at the desk. The 20 Oz. size and thermal insulation will keep hot drinks warm for the duration of the workday. 

6. Grow Guy

This little friend is popular for staff returning to work all around the country. As desk accessories go they don’t get much friendlier than the Grow Guy! For a morale boost and a stress-free employee, this charming little plant is perfect for the job. 

7. Ultra Slim Power Bank

Celebrate diversity with the Ultra Slim Power Bank! From a woman and Black-owned business, purchasing this essential device will support those from diverse backgrounds to get the chance to succeed. It’s also an incredible way to help your employees stay charged and connected all day. 

8. ECOBAGS String Bag

String bags can be useful in the staff canteen to keep fruit and snacks secure without the need for plastic. They can also be ideal as a neat storage facility for every cubicle. 

9. Partake Allergy Free Cookies

If you want to be adored by every member of your team, it’s essential that you bulk buy Partake’s Allergy Free Cookies. These yummy treats will be adored by all, so you can be safe in the knowledge the whole team can tuck in, knowing nothing that causes allergies are inside! 

recycled t-shirt

10. Eco-friendly T-Shirt

This is the perfect way to ensure employees have the necessary comfort while in the office. With space for a custom logo and message, it’s also a great way to be professional and proves that your company means business! 

A Final Word

Our aim with this list was to provide a few different ideas as to how your business can use eco-friendly supplies, for all business needs. We ended up finding a whopping FIFTY of the best and can be used for promotional purposes and in the office. There really aren’t any excuses for not having a green and sustainable business in 2022! 


As a B Corp, DGW Branded takes pride in thinking beyond profit. We want to see the world as equitable as possible, where everyone is given an equal opportunity to shine. That’s why we write articles such as this one. 


For our own company, we prove our commitments to this by hiring those from the foster care system to help pack our orders. Find out more about our workforce program, and how your purchase can help former foster youth here.

While we hope we’ve clarified some of the roles and responsibilities of each section of the B Corp movement, we’re always willing to help other businesses succeed in their societal and environmental responsibilities, please leave a comment if you have any questions. For your business needs, just fill in the form below and one of our experts will guide you through the process. 

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