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B Corp Certification Is Possible for Any Business

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been spending a lot of time talking about B Corps. What are they and what they do. We’ve put together articles such as ‘The Power of United B Corps’ that look at how B Corps that work together can maximize the positive impact they can have on communities and the planet. Furthermore, B Lab, B The Change, B Impact… What are they? goes into depth in explaining all the different terminologies we need to know about when thinking about B Corps. While we now understand how B Corps operate and what info we need to digest before embarking on the mission to become B Corp, we have received a few messages from those enquiring how successful they really are. Can B Corps really compete with traditional companies, do good for their local communities and still make a buck? 


When we first read these messages we weren’t quite sure what to make of them. We were pretty sure that we mentioned certain facts such as how there are now more B Corps than ever. While this is all true, what’s also evident is that facts and statistics only convey so much. What prospective B Corps want to see are real-life stories of actual B Corps achieving their financial goals while contributing to the dreams of their workers and protecting the planet. 


In this article, that’s exactly what we’re going to look at. We’re going to look at a range of companies that all became B Corps. There are plenty of examples of businesses beginning life with being a B Corp as a priority. We’re also going to shine a light on one or two from different industries who decided the traditional business model was no longer feasible while being an ethical company. 


Here are a few of some top B Corps that all have different backgrounds and ideas yet their brilliant innovation, hard work, and strong moral compass all prove to potential B Corp businesses that this more social form of capitalism can bring success to every aspect of a business.

Sometimes we need a helping hand on the road to success. That’s why we should all support B Corps

Starting to make a difference - Sendle

Especially now, there are emerging startups whose inception began not to make as much money as possible, nor fueled by one revolutionary idea. More and more businesses are being developed as a way to support their communities and to use their profit as a way to help others. These conscious innovators when starting their companies are also aware of how their businesses are impacting the planet. Going into businesses knowing that you’re doing more harm than good to the ecological world doesn’t sit right with these new startups.


It’s difficult to become a B Corp on a company’s very first day of business. Due to the B Impact Assessment, every aspect of how a business operates is analyzed to see if it meets the highest possible standards. Naturally, given a business has yet to fully begin, it’s not possible to test its relationship in areas such as its environmental impact and relationship with its customers.


That being said, it’s still possible to achieve B Corp status while being a B Corp. You don’t have to just take our word for it – check out Sendle for inspiration!


Sendle has been a B Corp since the day it started in 2014. It’s a 100% neutral shipping service, aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the shipping industry while using a portion of their profits to further their environmental goals. As its founder, James Chin Moody says, “we attract like-minded people who find satisfaction and motivation in working for a business that’s putting good out into the world. In this way, B Corp certification adds another valuable layer to our business, as it helps us attract great people.”

Being a carbon heavy company should be a thing of the past. Sendle proves this

The power of change - Alchemy One

It’s never too late to become a B Corp. In fact, a business that chose the traditional path before realizing the power of being a B Corp should be applauded for making the change. There are countless examples of businesses becoming B Corp certified later in their journey. 


For as many businesses that become certified, there are reasons why they decided to become certified. It can be ethical, such as realizing the current trend of seeking constant growth and profit is unsustainable with the resources of the planet as well as a desire to treat employees with dignity and respect as we proved in our article Resignations across America. Are We Resigned To Follow The B Corp Philosophy?


While these moral aspects are always reasons why a business will undertake the rigorous assessment to become a B Corp, it is also a smart business decision. As we mentioned earlier, the past decade has seen an unprecedented rise in the number of conscious shoppers, those who are voting with their dollars at the change they want to see in the world. Because of this, a certification on products can make all the difference when it comes to attracting new customers. Two comparable brands but one with the fair trade logo, and one without, will see customers gravitate towards the former. This is just as true for the B Corp certification and is, therefore, a brilliant marketing strategy for businesses looking to adapt to this changing consumer landscape.


One of these companies that have successfully undertaken a rebranding into a more responsible business and undertook the B Corp assessment later in its life is Alchemy One.

As a growing business, Alchemy One had the foundations in place to become a successful and profitable media agency. Knowing that they were on the right track with their creative ways of “craft curated strategies and plans from the ground up.”


Once they had become major Australian media agency players, the company decided to pursue B Corp certification. Why? Well, as Alchemy One’s Managing Director, Joel Trethowan explains, it all started with working with B Corps and understanding the impact they were having. “We were growing quickly… particularly in taking on work with brands and partners who were already B Corp certified… We wanted our purpose-driven work to be more than just a few clients, and to make our values core to the entire business – from our hiring and leave policies to our electricity provider, to how we give back to the community.”


Alchemy One has only gone from strength to strength since joining the B Corp movement. They’ve set new standards in the industry on being transparent with their clients’ needs and are “actively questioning the media’s agenda around diversity and inclusion.”

f] Alchemy One is helping to light a better future in the media industry

Every industry, no excuses - Tamweel Capital

To the average consumer, the industries associated with B Corps are those in the health and fitness sector and maybe also in the art and design world. Yet so far in this article we’ve looked at a carbon-neutral shipping company and Alchemy One in the media agency industry. 


We have to open our eyes that there aren’t many industries left that aren’t being uprooted by the B Corp revolution. As we have highlighted in our article B Corps, More Than You Might Think, just because the industry might be a little niche, that doesn’t mean a B Corp cannot prosper. If you’re still looking for proof that your business can succeed as a B Corp even if it’s operating in a niche market, you should look at Tamweel Capital for inspiration.


Tamweel is a boutique M&A and Private Equity advisory business, representing the best and brightest Challenger Brands in the consumer sector. This exceptional London-based team is here to reshape how the advisory world works. Not only do they deliver outstanding results for the very best businesses, but they do so in the most ethical way possible. From planting trees to receiving an ‘outstanding’ in their B Corp assessment for how they treat their employees, this is a business that proves that any industry can create a B Corp leader.

[h] Working only with the finest clients who are also intent on reshaping a company’s footprint. That’s the Tamweel way[

DGW Branded - The Proof is in the Pudding

When we are speaking to business owners who are thinking of becoming a B Corp but are looking for proof that it’s realistically doable rather than an idealistic fantasy we like to use ourselves as an example. While we’re not one to brag, we are pretty proud of what we’ve managed to accomplish from a business standpoint while being mindful of the world around us.



Despite the pandemic, which has strained the logistics of our operations, as well as the demand businesses have for custom print material, we just had our best year yet! Even with all the unprecedented challenges that we’ve had to endure, we managed to donate over 200,000 face masks and made sure our entire team is trauma-informed.



We did all this while still surpassing the targets that we set for ourselves in our Workforce Development program. We gave 54 new hires from the foster care system the vital skills and experience they need to help prevent the tragic waste of potential that often occurs to those who have suffered the trauma of a childhood spent in foster care.


Don’t worry, we’re not going to put our feet up and take it easy. We can’t wait for 2022. Our partnerships with some of the biggest companies in their industries such as Pixar Films and we’re excited to see more of these flourishing collaborations in the future.

This is the transformative qualities business can have

One more thing

No industry is safe from being revolutionized by companies using business as a force of good. The B Corp movement is accelerating like never before as a growing wave of consumers are voting with their wallets to determine the change that they want to see in the world. Existing businesses are threatened by mass resignations for employees to be treated by their employers with the same reverence as shareholders. As we hope we have proven in this article, with the right attitude, perseverance, and tenacity, any business in any field can become a B Corp. All it takes is the first step.



As you now know (so long as you didn’t skim read to the end!) DGW Branded is a B Corp. While we didn’t become a B Corp from day one, we did design our company to always place the future of our planet, and the health of our employees, above giving our shareholders an extra buck. We’re proud of having a 10/20/30 model where 10% of profits fund programs for foster youth, 20% of employee hours are encouraged for volunteering in the community, and 30% of employees have been impacted by foster care. To find out more about some of the things we do check out our ‘about us’ page to see how we’re trying to change the world around us.


For business needs, you can visit our website to see the full range of products and services that we offer. Alternatively, you can chat with one of our experts who can provide advice on how DGW Branded can help your business, whether it’s holiday kits for your employees or custom promo items for the ultimate marketing material.


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