Best Practices for Employers Hiring Remote Employees

If you're an employer hiring remote employees, you'll find there is a unique set of needs that can often be overlooked. 

Learning how to welcome new hires and make their transition into the workplace as seamless as possible can be tricky for employers who don’t know what questions to ask or where to start.


While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for onboarding remote employees, we’ve compiled some useful tips that should help get your process

1. Create a special video to personally welcome your new hire.


This doesn’t have to be anything fancy! Use your phone or laptop to film a quick video introducing yourself and wishing them a fantastic first day! You can even add a QR code to any package or letter to directly send them to the video. 


2. Send newly hired employees a custom swag package.


These swag packages are a great idea to welcome onboarding members and get them to feel a part of the team. DGW Branded offers packaging services to create a fully custom kit experience. This can include items like a t-shirt, water bottle, stickers, and even a note welcoming them to the team! We’ve got ideas for pre-made kits and options for you to create your own here!


3. Offer new employees lunch or coffee delivery on their first day.


You can create a corporate account to offer food delivery to employees or even send them a quick gift card through a swag package or email service. What a wonderful surprise it would be! 

4. Invite new members to your fun company social channels!


If your company has a channel for communication, be sure to share the fun office culture to welcome your employees. Share some of the silly memes, inside jokes and emojis that will get them LOL’ing on their first day.


5. Pair your new employees up with a mentor on their first day.


Consider setting up mentors for new hires to make them feel as comfortable as possible to grow and adapt into the company. This person can help serve as a guide for questions, advice or anything needed. 

The first day of work is always a little nerve-wracking for new hires, and the best way to make it less so is with some thoughtful gestures that show them you care.


We’ve compiled a list of fun ideas that will help your team welcome onboarding members in style! All these items are available through our store or we can custom create any other idea you have for hiring remote employees.


To get started on creating your own swag package, check out our customizable item page by clicking HERE. If none of these suggestions fit what you’re looking for, just let us know – we would be happy to brainstorm something together!

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