The College Survival Kit (Best Products to Keep Your Students Prepared and Safe)

Surviving college has lots of interpretations. It might be a little thing, like needing an energy bar to get through a heavy workload.


Even for more serious problems like a dead car battery, we have everything a student needs to survive college life.


While we made sure these college promo items put safety first, we guarantee they have the all important college swag. 


This guide will tell you everything about safe swag ideas for college students.

1. Auto Vent Phone Mount

Hold the phone: Is this the best phone mount yet?

Phone use in cars causes 1.6 million crashes each year in the USA alone.


We’re selling an Ascent phone mount which will keep phones secure and at the perfect angle. No need to look down to check for directions or change a playlist.


Perfect for students who are on the commute, and if they still need a little extra support – check out the next item. 

2. Convertible Pillow


Users can be rest assured of a good doze with our convertible pillow

For college students, commutes are common, and when hitting the road a good pillow is needed for much needed respite.


Whether it’s returning home, a much needed vacation, or just for a pitstop between classes, being on the move is part of college life.


What makes our cuddle up pillow so special is it can convert from a travel pillow to a neck pillow.


So whether in plane, train, or automobile, students can be ensured of a good nap.

Make sure students are prepared for the worst with this survival kit

3. Radiant 17 Piece Survival Kit

Prepare for anything with the Radiant 17 Piece Survival Kit. With natural disasters on the rise, preparing for armageddon no longer seems so preposterous.


It’s 25 Oz., so will keep the user hydrated whether for an emergency evacuation or (hopefully) a pleasant camping trip. 


We even supplied a 1 Oz. hand sanitizer in the first-aid kit so not only do we have your back, but your sore thumb too.

4. Emergency 4-in-1

This emergency 4-in-1 really is one of the most important college promo items.

We all love an all-in-one device, but let’s be honest, how many of us need a swiss army knife in our daily lives? A more high-tech multi-use tool is our Emergency 4-in-1 Crank Powered Radio, Flashlight, Siren, Phone Charger. 


By using the crank mechanism, the user has access to a radio, siren, and emergency phone charger. With bright LED lights also included, this emergency 4-in-1 device is perfect for late night study sessions or, heaven forbid, the wifi at home is busted.

5. Clif Bar ®


Have we found the perfect energy bar? Organic ingredients – check. Nutritional and energy-filling bars? Check. Delicious Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin recipes? Check. Wrapper graphics are also available for extra crunch. 


These Clif Bars really are perfect for extra fuel before an exam, or just a sneaky midnight snack and make the ultimate college promo item.

6. Custom Water Bottle Label


The clues in the name. Transform a standard water bottle into a marketing tool with your logo and message.


The ultimate swag idea for a promotion because the bottles are fully recyclable and customizable making it the best of both worlds.

7. Umbra 4-Piece Car Sun Shade


Keep your car cool with the Umbra 4-piece car sun shade. It has shades for the sides and rear, and even one for a sunroof!


These shades will make sure sweaty bums are a thing of the past. With a handy nylon bag, you’ll also be able to store them without breaking a sweat.


Perfect for students leaving their cars to bake in the parking structure, or for providing a little extra privacy during that before class nap. If you ask us, this car shade is a pretty cool college promo idea.


8. Air Freshener


A great idea for an inexpensive college swag idea, is an air freshener to ensure a sweet-smelling car.


With over fifty scents, the days of a college car smelling of Top Ramen will be long gone.


Made of high quality and with custom designs available, our paper air fresheners will be dangling with pride.

9. Mini Trash


While our air freshener is helpful for getting rid of unpleasant odors, to prevent them in the first place our Mini Trash is the perfect solution.


It’s so easy because it just slots into a cup holder and hey presto! No more excuses for having a mucky car.

10. Car Starter/ Cell Power Bank



If there’s one thing worse than our phone’s running out of battery, it’s our car running out of battery. We can at least prevent the latter with our power bank.



Thanks to its 8000mAh battery, up to twenty jump starts are possible on a single charge. But hopefully even the rustiest of college motors don’t need that many jumps before reaching campus.

11. Fleece Blanket in a Bag


What’s really great about our fleece blanket is how transportable it is. By fitting the blanket into the carry bag, it can be taken to a sporting event to earn some college swag. With a handy shoulder strap, it can be brought along and used as a picnic blanket as well.

12. Car Seat Organizer


A car seat organizer might be the perfect promo idea for a college student. Instead of chucking college swag on the back seat, it can be stored neatly in this organizer. There’s a pouch for a water bottle, notebooks with plenty leftover for all their college swag.

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