How to Boost Employee Engagement for the Next Wave of Covid-19

Everyone knows the importance of employee engagement.

Employee engagement is something that every company has to worry about, and it can make or break not only individual workers but an entire office.



The best way to keep employees engaged? Keep them happy! No seriously! Here are some tips on how to help your team stay motivated for a long time, safely during the pandemic. 

1) Find out what they want – ask them!


Consider doing a quick temperature check with your employees or managers. See what kind of demands will really benefit the team. Are backs aching from lousy dining chairs? Perhaps people are struggling to keep up with physical health. Consider offering a solution that will benefit both your employees and the company. 


2. Show appreciation for their hard work.


We’re thinking of something a little more than a virtual gold star….If you have team meetings, consider doing weekly shout outs made by your team. 


Another great idea is sending an employee appreciation gift. This can be a nice backpack, the latest tech gadget – or an entire kit! Work with our team to create your own experience or check out some inspiration here. 



3. Be realistic with workloads


Working from home doesn’t mean the work gets easier. Be fair with workloads and don’t fall under the implication that employees have more time on their hand. Overworking employees during isolation periods can take a serious toll on their mental health. 


4. Get everyone on board with new initiatives.


Perhaps you would like to require everyone to have their camera on during meetings. Maybe you’d like to do a virtual luncheon every first Friday. Whatever the seriousness, be sure to get everyone on board with new ideas or procedures taking place. Feedback is especially critical when working remotely and it’s best to have the entire team aligned. 

5. Treat people kindly.


You never know what kind of work from home experience someone may have. Treating people with kindness and a bit of patience can go a long way during these trying times. Consider doing wellness checks with your employees to ensure their safety and health is prioritized throughout. 


We’ve found that people are more likely to stay at their jobs when they feel appreciated or if they have some kind of memorable experience while on the job.

If you think your employees need help staying motivated this year, we’re here to help. DGW Branded specializes in projects that help employees feel appreciated, even while work remote.


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