Build Success for your Students Returning to School

The past year or so has tested all of us to our limits. For college students, whether it’s the upheaval of cancelled classes or being isolated and working online, we feel that it’s about time there’s something to cheer about. It’s why we have everything a college student needs to be productive and healthy… but don’t worry, we’ll also make sure they look the part. 


However, no matter how happy we are with our products, our philosophy goes beyond how many water bottles we sell. We refuse the notion that it’s fine for one person to have a cool backpack if it results in ecological decline and unfair wages, no matter how good it looks. 


That’s why we also invest in our local communities and donate to inspiring charities to ensure all of our awesome products are creating an impact. Now go buy some cool stuff. Here’s ten of our favorites:  

1. Wheat Straw Sunglasses


We have plenty of products sourced from sustainable wheat and while we hope you are excited about ballpoint pens as we are, it’s our Plastic & Wheat Straw Sunglasses that are the real eye-turner. Not only do they shield your eyes with 400 UV protection but, like all our EcoSmart products, they protect the planet, too. 


Look the part in our new Plastic & Wheat Straw Sunglasses


2. Bluetooth Spotter


We can feel a little lost at college at times, but we can at least make sure that our valuables are easily found with our Bluetooth spotter. Connect with an iPhone or Android to sound an alarm when your purse has wandered off. It can even remind you if you leave your keys (or anything else) behind. 

Don’t lose your marbles: our Bluetooth spotter works for Android and iPhone

3. Vacuum-Sealed Eco Bamboo Bottle


With our 16oz. Vacuum-sealed Eco Bamboo Bottle students can be rest assured that they have plenty of juice even during all-nighter library sessions. The bamboo is as good looking as it is sustainable.

Top Tip: Use the removable infuser for brewing loose leaf tea


4. Webcam Ring Light


We’re proud to offer products to students whether they are returning to physical seminars or entering more Zooms than rooms. For the latter, a Webcam Ring Light made of 36 LED lights and multiple light settings, should illuminate even the bleakest of online lectures. 

The Webcam Ring Light comes in a variety of colors

5. Cork Pencil Case


Students will love to stand out from all the humdrum pencil cases as ours are made with sustainable cork. Using sciencey stuff, the trees that produce this cork produces more O2 than those lazy trees standing idle. It’s big, so students can fit their Pebble Carabiner Power Bank right alongside their wheat straw ballpoint pen.

Pop the cork: our pencil cases are ideal for carrying stationary, charging cords, school IDs and more

6. Eco Notebook


Whether drawing sketches or taking frantic notes with one of our wheat straw ballpoint pens, you can bet that students will want to jot down their creativity somewhere. Other companies take notes on how we achieve our leather-like cork pattern for our notebooks. Even after using all 80 sheets, our secrets were never found. 

Enjoy attending every class with our Eco Notebooks

7. Custom Polos


The question we are asked the most is: What should I wear when it’s time to play horse polo? Our selection of custom embroidered polo shirts are perfect for when it’s time to head to the stables. They can also be worn for social and casual outings for those who are sadly between horses. 

Look the part whether playing polo or chilling with friends

8. Personalized Backpacks


Students have no need to worry about lugging all their new gear around campus. All our backpacks are durable, tough and roomy. With popular brands like Carhartt and NorthFace, students will be relieved to move around in style.

Whether heading to class or the Pyrenees, this NorthFace backpack will have it in the bag

9. Bamboo Bento Lunch Box


It’s not easy for certain students to find the motivation to prepare their own lunches… that’s until we introduced our Savory Lunch Box Set. It’s a 2-compartment bento-style lunch box and cutlery set. It’s super convenient, looks great and of course it’s sustainable too. 

Goodbye, one-use plastic containers, hello Savory Lunch Box Set

10. Custom Crock Pot


Arguably the most important item for a fresh-faced uni student isn’t (sadly) the latest designer hoodie or a wireless charging pad. Instead, at least according to our mothers, a good crockpot should be top of the list. Pot noodles will be a thing of the past with our slow cooker and students can cook enough soup and chilli for all their new college friends.

How to make friends at college: Buy a crockpot

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