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Businesses that care: The Environment

We talked about the evolution of environmentally-friendly products in our article ‘How Shopping Became Sustainable’. There, we also looked at the state of contemporary movements that are putting the planet first. The three main organizations we gave an overview of are Fair Trade, Sourcing Sustainably, and 1% For The Planet. On that page, we went in-depth about these awesome movements, and how they can help consumers shop sustainably. In this article, we’re going to help you know what brands to look for when shopping. 


We found some fantastic companies who not only make some great products, but are ensuring that each purchase contributes back towards the farmers who helped produce them, and the natural resources that were used in its construction. We hope that by reading this article, we’ve helped you discover new businesses that should be supported so that together we can create a greener and more sustainable world. 

Fair Trade

Fair Trade is one of the founding movements towards worker and environmental protection

Fair Trade is one of the founding fathers of the environmental movement. Having been around since 1992, its influence on ethical responsibility practices is unmatched. The scale of the organization is just as impressive. So far $846 million has been sent to the farmers and workers as a result of consumer purchases. As a result, there are thousands of companies whose support goes a long way towards ensuring farmers across the world can look forward to a brighter future. Nevertheless, here are three Fair Trade certified companies that we love.

1% For The Planet

Reforestation and ecological protection is easy if every business thinks like the ones we’ve listed here

Consider this: every business and individual donate just one percent of their profits to ecological preservation, reforest our landscapes, and prevent climate catastrophe. Sounds pretty good, right? That’s just what 1% For The Planet is trying to do. $140 million has already been donated, and the more we as consumers purchase from those who are 1% verified, the quicker other companies will sign on to this good cause. 


While businesses can join, so can individuals. Their philosophy is that we’re all in this together, and should all contribute the same percentage of our earnings to protect the place we all call home. At the time of writing, “1,200 businesses and numerous individuals” have joined the movement. Here are three of our favorites:

Sourcing Sustainably

We’re hoping that the greater the exposure, the more will sign on to end sweatshop slavery and ecological ruin.

Sourcing Sustainably is sort of the Fair Trade of clothes. Buying from a Sourcing Sustainably certified company shows that you care about ethics as well as fashion. The organization’s goal is to have every stage of the product cycle be one that’s fair to the workers and responsible for the environment. Lots of big names have signed on to Sourcing Sustainably to ensure fast fashion doesn’t have to equate to large-scale destruction. We’re hoping that the greater the exposure received, the more will sign on to end sweatshop slavery and ecological ruin. 

A Final Note

As we hope we’ve demonstrated, doing good for the environment is something that every company can achieve. It doesn’t matter what the business sells, if it wants to do good, there really aren’t any excuses. 


All these companies are leading the way in being proof that companies can grow and make a profit, while also caring about their communities and the environment. 


Before you reach for your credit card and help out big corporations, you should check out our similar articles for black-owned businesses and women-owned businesses who also deserve our attention if we want to see a more equitable world.

About DGW Branded

As a B Corp, DGW Branded takes pride in thinking beyond profit. We strive to see a more diverse America represent all of its people, as well as being more responsible to the planet we all share. That’s why we write articles such as these. 


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While we hope we’ve clarified some of the roles and responsibilities of each section of the B Corp movement, we’re always willing to help other businesses succeed in their societal and environmental responsibilities, please leave a comment if you have any questions. For your business needs, you can also speak to one of our experts to find out how DGW Branded can provide you with custom items for promo and staff needs.

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