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Businesses that Care: Women-Owned

As we now know from our ‘The History of Women in Power’ article, women-owned businesses continue to grow at twice the rate compared to the average. The more we continue to support these companies, the greater the representation we have, both in the boardroom and in the products and services that are available to us.


In that article, we also go into more depth about the history of women in the workplace, from menial tasks to CEO, and the discrimination faced along the way. 


Now it’s time to do some shopping. Having discovered some amazing black-owned businesses and discover lots of awesome companies that are doing their part for the environment, now we’re going to explore some of the best women-owned businesses we could find. 



We selected some unique businesses that offer some great ideas in various categories. While we love the stores that we selected, there are so many women-owned businesses out there, and we should support as many as possible.



The more support we give to these women-owned businesses, the more we help promote diversity in business and give everybody the opportunity to succeed… also because of the awesome products that they sell! Here are five of our favorite.

Tea Drops

image of green tea being poured
Did you know that green tea is a great way to boost energy while reducing your caffeine intake?
 In ‘Our Favorite Environmentally Friendly Businesses’ article, we talked about Rishi Tea, and the delicious teas they create, while also going the extra mile to be responsible for the environment they work in.


But why stop there? If you love tea as much as we do, it will be easy to support another tea creator and experiment and discover some new brews! 

Tea Drops make it really easy to find the perfect tea for everyone. Whether it’s a caffeine boost in the morning, or a herbal blend to help us nod off at night, they have something delicious to offer. 


This company could have easily featured in our Environment article, too. Their teabags are specially designed to reduce waste than traditional methods, and their high-quality teas are all organic and Fair Trade. 


Tea Drops even have a Hello Kitty collection! They’re super fun and can make a brilliant holiday gift… although we kept the Hello Kitty: Strawberry Matcha just for us because it’s just so good! 

Partake Foods

image of partake snacks
Just one more… Although they don’t contain any preservatives, Partake cookies do run the risk of snacking all day!


All that tea talk has got us hungry. What we need is to find the perfect snack that we can dip in our cuppa, one that everyone can enjoy, no matter what dietary restrictions they may have. 


Happily, we think we’ve found the perfect women-owned snack creators! Partake foods are free from eggs, dairy, artificial flavors, and… well, the list goes on! 


Basically, no matter what your allergies or personal preferences are, there should be something delicious Partake has for you. But don’t think these snacks are second best to those crammed with GMOs and preservatives. 


As one happy customer wrote, “I can’t believe how good they taste considering all of the things that aren’t included in the ingredients.” 


The sweetest news of all is that Partake Foods is a black and women-owned business, that’s passionate about “mentoring up and coming leaders and students excited to forge their paths in the industry.”


jcoco chocolate spicy
Jcoco chocolate comes in lots of different flavors including Boharat Spice, for those who like their chocolate with a little kick!

When CEO Jean Thomson decided that she wanted an ultra-premium chocolate bar that not only open consumer minds about how good chocolate can really taste, but the impact these delicious bars of chocolate can have in helping communities around the world. 

She decided to launch Jcoco, a sister company of Seattle Chocolate (which, incidentally, is also a women-owned business that makes yummy treats). 

So far, 3.7 million meals have been donated to organizations that are combatting world hunger. If that’s not a good enough reason to buy a whole load of luxury chocolate, we don’t know what is.

Prosperity Candle

prosperity candles women owned business
Lighting a few Prosperity candles are burn away the stresses and strains of a long day

Not only is Prosperity Candle a women-owned business, but it’s also a women-owned business that’s determined to help other women thrive. Prosperity Candle creates some truly beautiful candles, both in terms of the contemporary design of the vessels as well as the wonderful aromas from the candles themselves. 


Supporting this business not only helps another women-owned business flourish but also gives opportunities to refugees to give them the tools to succeed in America, thanks to the amazing community work the company is involved in. 


To be honest, although we’ve been calling Prosperity Candle a women-owned business, it’s actually a social enterprise. We won’t go in-depth here, but if you’re curious about what a social enterprise actually is, we recommend our dedicated article on what they’re all about. 

Modern Sprout

person covered in plants holding thumbs up
Buying houseplants can become addictive… especially when browsing Modern Sprout’s amazing collection

Having indoor plants have been proven to reduce stress levels and even improve productivity. On top of that, they can really freshen a place up and make a house a home. 


As you’d expect with the name, Modern Sprout has so many fresh contemporary designs for plant pots, from terracotta grow kits to the amazing Uplift Planter, which gives light to your plant with just a smartphone tap. 


Modern Sprout is a women-owned business that also goes beyond helping a home be full of holistic beauty. They keep plastic to a minimum while also doing their bit for the local community, such as providing employment for Chicago’s most vulnerable residents.


We highly recommend visiting Modern Sprout’s website, but be warned – all their products look so good that if you’re not careful your house might turn into a horticulturist’s paradise!

Last Note

We hope that by shopping at the businesses that we listed, together we can help give everybody the opportunity to create amazing products in the field they’re most passionate about. 


While we mentioned at the beginning of the article that we’re seeing more women running successful companies than ever before, women-owned businesses still suffer from discrimination and stigma. 


What’s more, a justice that’s the law today may disappear tomorrow. Continuing to fight for equality is something that Doing Good Works will always stand for to help everyone can achieve their potential.


While we must continue in our persistence for full equality across every spectrum of the business world, we can still celebrate the magnificent women-owned businesses we have today. 

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