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B Corp – It’s More Than Just a Certificate

This article defines the key characteristics of B Corps, including social and environmental performance standards, transparency in operations and finances, accountability through stakeholder engagement and legal status.

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Should Every Business Be a B Corp?

Find out what it means to be a B corp, how the certification process works and why some companies are choosing this business model.

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B Corps, More Than You Might Think

B-corps are everywhere! Learn about the different types of b-corps and how these companies are creating a positive social impact.

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The Power of United B Corps

Learn why so many companies are joining the movement towards becoming a b-corp. See how it impacts their bottom line and how it can impact yours.

Resignations across America. Are We Resigned To Follow The B Corp Philosophy?

Resignations across America are at an all-time high. Although Covid and the mass resignation are related, it is a common misconception that the pandemic caused this mass resignation. Discover why millions of people are quitting their jobs, and how B Corps can serve as an inspiration for companies seeking to retain workers.

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Events on a Budget: The Essentials

The most important thing you can do for an event is prepare. Find out what else you can do to make the experience better for both your company and clients with these tips from DGW Branded. Including sustainable, impactful swag to ensure your brands values are forefront of mind.


Black-led and Owned Businesses We Should Know About

This post highlights some of our favorite black owned businesses. Featuring products that have been started by three young brothers, coffee that’s making an impact, superfood products and more.