Corporate Gifts for Less than $15 to Love this Holiday

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to choose from our best gifts to celebrate a successful year and reward employees for their hard-work.

Not every corporate gift has to break the bank; we picked the best employee holiday gifts for under $15*. 

Because they’re DGW Branded approved, all our recommendations are high-quality even with the low cost. See which is your favorite in the list below.

Get ahead of the supply chain shortage and order your gifts today!

*Please note due to quantity and supply, prices may slightly vary.

1. Thanks Snow Much Chocolate Drink Bomb


Thanks Snow Much Chocolate Drink BombThere’s no better time to treat employees to the finest hot chocolate than the holiday season.


Plop the premium, milk-chocolate ball into warm milk, and when topped with the marshmallows, it really is the bomb.

2. Electric Coffee CreamerElectric Coffee Creamer


Perfect the homemade cappuccino with this electric coffee creamer.


It is the perfect tool to whipping milk into shape to help employees wow their friends with thick milk foam.


It can also be used to whisk egg yolk into life.


Once an employee has their Electric Coffee Creamer they’ll wonder how they ever did without one.

Dark Chocolate Deliciousness Gift Box
Your employees will have to make the tough decision: share with family or binge on Boxing Day

3.Dark Chocolate Deliciousness Gift Box

Treat your sweet-toothed employees to this box of delicious chocolates.


These almond and toffee chocolate bites look delightful when housed in their striped tin.


Great for sharing after Christmas dinner with loved ones.

4. MiiR® Pint – 16 Oz. – Stainless Steel


Miir Pint 16oz.
Cheers to high-quality pint sized beakers that don’t break the bank

Is this Mint Pint the sleekest beaker going? Made from pure medical-grade stainless steel, it looks and feels like a top contender.


As it’s 16 Oz. it’s perfect for mulled wine… and for the fruit juice the morning after.


5. Camp & S’mores Gift Set



Camp & S'mores Gift Set
It would be hard to find an employee who doesn’t love the Camp & S’mores Gift Set


For under $15, this Timely S’mores gift set makes for the most charming of winter nights.


Whether employees take the vintage mug, graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows for camping, or just snuggled up at home, it makes a great holiday gift.


6. Spark Good Cheer (50 Ways to Get Festive)


Spark Good Cheer (50 Ways to Get Festive)

Inside this charming faux matchstick box are little matchsticks that will kindle the holiday celebrations.


Instead of lighting candles, these sticks will sparkle seasonal cheer. Each of the fifty matchsticks has a prompt for holiday guests to create extra cheer at the dinner table. 


7. Wheat Straw Wireless Charging


Wheat Straw Wireless Charging
This Wheat Straw Wireless Charging is up there with our favorite wheat straw products

Wireless charging pads are becoming ever more popular, but the last thing we need is another lump of plastic in all our employees’ homes.


That’s why ours are made from wheat straw; it works just as good as the plastic alternative for charging devices but works much better for the environment.


Check out our whole collection of favorite wheat products here!





8. Soapbox® Healthy Hands Gift Set


Soapbox® Healthy Hands Gift Set
The Soapbox® Healthy Hands Gift Set will make even the dirtiest hands smell sweet

Maybe the most apt stocking filler for a seasonal gift this year is the Soapbox® Healthy Hands Gift Set.


It keeps hands germ free and smelling fresh. The cotton pouch is so nice it can double as a wash bag.



9. Modern Sprout® Tiny Terracotta Grow Kit Champagne Poppies

Modern Sprout® Tiny Terracotta Grow Kit Champagne Poppies
Easy to maintain and love, this Grow Kit is great for even the casual plant aficionado


A unique and creative idea for rewarding employees with a holiday gift is this Tiny Terracotta Grow Kit.


This delightful pot plant is a must for green finger employees looking for something easy to nurture.


10. 5-Piece Cheese Knife Set & Bamboo Cutting Board W/ Gift Box


5-Piece Cheese Knife Set & Bamboo Cutting Board W: Gift Box
By using premium bamboo, this Cheese set is a modern classic

What Christmas is complete without cheese and biscuits?


There’s no finer way to treat employees than with this high-end cheese knife and cutting board.


They will love tucking into their favorite stilton, brie, or cheddar with this bamboo board. 

DGW Branded is committed to high quality products using sustainable materials and ethical business models.


We take great pride that we can stick to these promises while also keeping our prices competitive.


While we hope you found the perfect employee gift here, there’s no reason not to check out our other blogs for hand-selected holiday gift items.

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