Culinary Lovers | Corporate Holiday Gift Guide

Give their little chef inside a chance to thrive!

Nothing inspires us more to cook than the holiday season. Whether it’s roasting the turkey, making mince pies, or decorating the yule log, employees can take pride in their culinary creations. 


But this is the 21st century and it can take more than simply impressing friends and family to tempt us to cook. That’s why we created this list of corporate holiday gifts to treat employees this season!


Bee’s Wrap (Sustainable Food Wrap)

Sustainable food wrap that replaces single use plastic.

Honey’s delicious but bees can provide the kitchen with far more than just a treat for the sweet-toothed.


In fact, this bee’s wrap is even better: it’s a completely natural way of wrapping up leftover food.


Because it can be reused and fully sustainable it really is the bee’s knees… Well, beeswax anyway.

EZ Wash Sponge Cloth

What’s the worst thing about cooking? Cleaning up afterwards, of course. Not anymore. This custom holiday gift will end arguments over who’s doing the dishes. 


These cloths are fully customizable plus they’re durable and strong. With unlimited options, employees will fight over who’s doing the washing up. 

Customize these towels with your design!

Bamboo Cutting Board

It can be difficult to make a cutting board that stands out against the rest. Ours can be laser engraved to allow your company’s message on view while slicing.



Employees will love this corporate holiday gift, thanks to its high quality bamboo material and tasteful two tone wood. Because it’s from a 100% renewable resource it really makes the cut.

Silicone Food Bags

Sandwich bags are great. Cheap, durable and long-lasting, its hard to find a better way to store food. The only problem is it’s yet another household item that is made of disposable plastic. 

That’s why we recommend these silicone food bags. This is another way to give your employees a custom holiday gift as any logo can be imprinted on the side. They’re super durable and come in a range of colors for the ultimate holiday swag.

Check out some of our other plastic free alternative items here! 

Customize with your logo!

We’re proud of our offering of corporate holiday gifts to help employees reduce plastic waste while going beyond the practicality of their plastic counterparts. 


Whether using bamboo, silicone, or even beeswax, we think we’ve found the best kitchen aids regardless of whether your employee is an aspiring chef or takeaway fanatic. 


If you’re still looking for other custom holiday gifts you should check out our other blogs for even more ways to give your employees some holiday swag this winter.

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