DGW Workforce Development

Your actions, your purchases, make a difference. From a glance, DGW Branded may look like a regular promotional company – but your purchase adds intrinsic value to communities around you. We truly believe in bringing communities together for a greater good. 


We value more than selling products, we value changing lives.


This is why DGW Branded launched a successful workforce development program which focuses on hiring young adults who have experienced foster care to work on our kitting and fulfillment projects.


The project begins with a client’s specific need – whether that be for new onboards, employee engagement or an upcoming event. Our team chooses thoughtful products that align with your company’s mission and values – and works with you to build out an entire experience. 


We believe in adding life-long value to our purchases – from sourcing sustainably, buying from minority owned businesses, or focusing on meeting CSR goals

Collaborate With One of Our Industry Experts

They source, design, and quote your customized merchandise.

Create Impact for Foster Youth

They take care of printing, packing, and shipping.

Receive Your Product and Join Our Movement

Learn more about our giveback and mission through our 2020 impact report.

As products are sourced and delivered to our facilities, our workforce development focuses on hiring young adults who have experienced foster care with the opportunity to work alongside and learn about the fulfillment process. This allows for real-life, transferable skills to be made. 


The skills gained in our workforce development programs our used on the day of a packout. Here, thanks to the success of our workforce development programs, the team can scribe, sort and ultimately bring the kits to life. During these jobs, one can learn to pick and pack items, report inventory, and manage shipping manifests to support our customers. All of our managers practice trauma-informed practices to effectively support and mentor this team.


Our packout team is offered transportation to the worksite and free lunch. In 2020, we were able to hire 54 young adults to work on our workforce development team. 


We had the opportunity to work with Tamar S., who flourished in one of our successful workforce development programs. You can read about her full experience here.

Coming from someone who has had a difficult upbringing, I can tell you from personal experience that this was the first, and only successful workforce development program that has been offered to me, and it is essential that other companies take on training like this to help build a better, more sustainable future. – Tamar S.

Finding solutions to live in balance with yourself, your actions and the world creates a life long value. It’s time we start thinking about how our simple purchases can cause a ripple effect of goodness. It’s time to create a new wave of leadership: who will you help people become?


Let us show you how your purchase can impact our lives and our planet.

Be the Change We Need...