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Events on a Budget: The Essentials

Marketing’s tough. Knowing how to best advertise your brand doesn’t always just have one right answer. It’s why it’s so common for small businesses and startups to focus primarily on digital marketing. It’s seen as a more affordable entry point into reaching as many potential customers as possible.

At DGW Branded we love digital marketing. It’s how we connect to those who require our services and can help us partner with other B Corps looking to make a difference. Saying that, it’s not the only way to successfully market a small business. We’re passionate about print marketing and we have some great tips on how to use print marketing to boost customer engagement and grow your business. We have a whole article dedicated to finding the best print promo items for your business to help it grow into an international brand!

This article is going to be focused on just one effective way to print your way to success. By going to events.

Why events?

Everyone will be crowded around your stand if you opt for some of DGW Branded’s great range of event products

Events are awesome! They can help you connect to a whole range of people. From curious consumers to avid fans of the sort of things happening at that trade show. You’ve also got a whole bunch of fellow business people who could be your next distributor or partner just around the corner! Not only that but they can be a marketing tactic all by themselves.


Post loads of clips of your stands and pics on TikTok of what you’re selling on Facebook and you should have a whole new audience going to your digital store on top of lining up at your event stand. We say ‘should’ because there’s no guarantee of success.


While attending business events and trade shows can give your business an impressive return on investment (ROI) ugly banners and badly designed signs can do more harm than good. But don’t panic! We’re going to go through everything you ensure your event will knock some socks off – even if you’re on a budget.


Recycled Plastic Table Throw

A table throw’s a must and one that features your logo and custom design’s essential
Imagine turning up to a big business event and having your show on an uncovered table… it makes us shudder just thinking about it. The best thing to do is to go for this Table Throw. 

The material is made from recycled plastic bottles, as certified by PET. This is a handy marketing trick all by itself – boast of this eco-friendly option to those in line and you’ll impress everyone with your business’ sustainability actions. 

But don’t think that just because it’s eco it won’t be of the same quality as a standard table throw. The material gives the fabric a glossy feel and because the colors are vibrant your brand’s logo will really stand out.

Bamboo Retractable Banner

This banner is perfect for attracting the eyes of eco-friendly customers!

Sticking with the environmentally friendly theme, we’re going to recommend this Bamboo Retractable Banner as an essential for small businesses and start-ups. We think this is the best option for a few reasons. Most importantly, it’s retractable. 


We understand the logistical nightmare of hauling all your equipment to various events and trade shows, especially as a small business without a huge operating budget. That’s why this banner is so great – it can be easily transported to event after event as the banner slides down into the stand making it super portable. 


We also love the bamboo stand. This makes the banner perfect for attracting the eyes of eco-friendly customers!

Recycled Cotton Drawstring Bag

This recycled cotton drawstring is the perfect, affordable freebie!

Although freebies can seem like you’re giving away costly items without charging, you can soon appreciate the ROI these freebies can add to your company. Because this list is for businesses on a budget, it’s the Recycled Cotton Drawstring Bag that we’re suggesting if you’re only going to have one freebie available at your trade show.


Bags are a great idea as a freebie because they are seen by loads of people at the event. Consumers will need to put all their other freebies somewhere, and where better than a bag with your logo and brand identity?! Environmentally friendly products also attract customers – this recycled bag will be such a hit that you won’t regret giving them away at your store!

Recycled Brochures

Everything you need to know about a business in one attractive package: that’s why these brochures are such an effective marketing tool

We know what you’re thinking. ‘Brochures are expensive! I can’t afford to print hundreds out to give away!’ No problem, we haven’t forgotten this is all about ‘eventing’ on a budget. 


You don’t need to give away these brochures just have one or two available for potential customers to browse through while they’re visiting your stall. You can put all they need to know about your business, as well as how to find you online. 


They can be a great way of keeping folks interested in your stand while you’re chatting to other attendees.

Table Top Tic-Tac-Toe

If your last event struggled to gain much of a following try Tic Tac Toe for better luck!

Do you know what every idle stand has in common? That’s right, a lack of fun and games! Be the talk of the fair with the Table Top Tic Tac Toe. Don’t think this is just a novelty – it can be a great ROI. Firstly, it’s a little different: consumers will be curious and be eager to play, especially if there’s a line of people. 


It’s also possible to incorporate other ideas into this product. For instance, you could launch a competition – every winner’s name is put into a tombola, the winner of the winner gets a prize!



Don’t worry, you won’t have to give away a car or sign a million-dollar check. Just something like a  (keep reading) can be the difference between a stall that’s got the crowd buzzing, and one whose only visitor is tumbleweed.

Wheat Straw Mug w/ Stainless Liner

A freebie, a competition prize, or buy a bunch and serve hot drinks to guarantee your business is a sure-fire winner!

This mug is a real all-rounder for a promo idea for events and trade shows. You can use them just for show: have a few lined up on your stand to show off your brand logo and identity on a stylish product.


Like we mentioned earlier, for a competition these mugs are a great idea. Everyone loves a mug, especially this one with a handy eco straw and premium stainless steel feel. These are a must-have and no event is ready without one! 

Last Note

There’s no doubt that marketing can be done on a budget and that includes marketing at events. While digital marketing by placing ads on social media is a really popular option these days, you can still achieve a social media boom through events.


Whether it’s winning a prize through tagging the stand and location, to just generating a virtual buzz by having a stand-out store through the use of great design and awesome products. We wanted to provide you with some budget-friendly options that are also kind to the planet. While these are just the products that we consider essential to a small business event or a start-up at a trade show, we have a whole range of products available for these events and you can see them all here.


Our eco-friendly selection can really attract conscientious customers to your stand. Supporting a B Corp can also be an invaluable marketing opportunity for your small business. It’s no small thing to consider that every purchase made at DGW Branded goes towards supporting those in the foster care system.


To find out more about the sort of things that we do, check out the about us section. If you’d like some help with which products will be perfect for your business, feel free to contact us and one of our experts will be happy to help. 

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