Five B Corps to Watch Out for in 2022

Why we care

People think we’re crazy for writing these lists. After all, what sort of company promotes its competitors? That’s not how we look at it. B Corps supporting B Corps is the best way for us all to grow and to create a more sustainable world. We go into depth about the power of B Corp unity in our article, The Power of United B Corps. If you’re still unsure about what a B Corp actually is, we recommend checking out this article before proceeding. Now that you’re an expert about what differentiates a B Corp from a traditional company, let’s look at some of our favorites for 2022.

Tentree- The impact of care

Tentree aims to do exactly that: planting ten trees for every purchase! This is a B Corp that is thinking big to help nourish communities and ecosystems all over the world. A mind-boggling 944,888,952 Sqft of land area has already been reforested and this will continue to grow with every purchase from their awesome apparel line. 


All the clothes Tentree designs are produced in ethical factories which promise a safe working environment and fair wages. 

While we love all the apparel the company creates, we can’t get enough of their ‘recycled polyester’ line that’s a fashion and an eco statement!

Simple but effective. The clothing industry can be revolutionized by following Tentree’s philosophy

Miir - Stepping forward in design

Miir is an amazing option for all of your steel vessel needs. They set aside a portion of their revenue to fund projects focused on clean water, a healthy environment, and strong communities. Every Miir cup has a Give Code to follow your impact and receive project updates and information related to advocacy, volunteer opportunities, and more.

On top of all that, they make some incredible products. We especially love their Can Chiller. It’s perfect for keeping your cans cold all day!

This will be a thing of the past if we use reusable metal bottles for our hydration needs

Bombas - Socks for all

Bombas was founded on the philosophy of donating to those in need, but has evolved to go deeper into the community. For every pair purchased, they donate another pair of socks to someone affected by homelessness. The company has expanded to include t-shirts and also some of the snuggliest slippers to keep your feet cozy all day. 

You can truly relax in Bombas’ slippers knowing someone else is thankful for your purchase

AllGood- Doing Good for everyone

We can’t get enough of Allgood’s products! We tell all our friends to check them out when they need sunscreen for the beach or a fresh stick of lip balm when lips are dry. We’re so passionate about this company that we’ve written a dedicated article on how they go the extra mile. 


All Good is making a positive commitment to our planet by producing all organic and natural skin care products, makeup, and sunscreen that is safe for you and the earth. They are fierce advocates for animals and the oceans around the world. All of their sunscreens are reef-friendly, and cruelty free ensuring you do your part to do good.

Allgood’s sunscreen is a beach essential

Soapbox - Soap is hope

Another B Corp we adore is Soapbox. They feature in our article, Our Favorite Environmentally Friendly Businesses. Something we admire most about this awesome B Corp is that for every bar of soap purchased, another goes to someone in need. 


Each soapbox product has a unique digital Hope Code to find out the project your purchase benefited. You can see how your acts of giving can contribute to a larger mission and impact. 

In 2022 soap is more important than ever. It’s why giving to the impoverished helps us all stay safe

One more thing

We hope you enjoyed finding out more about some of the best B Corps there are in the consumer market. There should be something here to tempt you next time you’re looking for a purchase. They also make great gift ideas to help spread the B Corp word. 


Not every B Corp is in the consumer goods industry. In fact, B Corps can be found in 77 industries all over the world. Our article, B Corps, More Than You Might Think might open your eyes to the possibilities of B Corp for every business.

About DGW Branded

As a B Corp, DGW Branded takes pride in going the extra mile for the planet, as well as our work in the community. What you may not know is we hire those from the foster care system to help pack our orders. To find out more about our workforce program, please visit this section of our website.


While we hope we’ve clarified some of the roles and responsibilities of each section of the B Corp movement, we’re always willing to help other businesses succeed in their societal and environmental responsibilities, please leave a comment if you have any questions. For your business needs, you can also speak to one of our experts to find out how DGW Branded can provide you with custom items for promo and staff needs.

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