5 Eco-Friendly Apparel Brands For Your Business

It’s 2022 and we have an almost unlimited selection of apparel products from everyday essentials to that show-stopping sequined suit. For businesses looking to purchase uniforms for employees, giveaways for customers, and custom apparel for everything else, the choice is just as endless. 


Having a vast selection of B2B apparel to choose from makes it all the more important for businesses to be wise with which vendors to use. Of course, price, material, and available options are all things that must be considered. Just as crucial is ensuring that the products are environmentally-friendly – this helps protect our planet while also painting our businesses in the best light possible. It’s imperative that businesses lead the way in proving all the essentials are covered – price, design, and durability while being far greener, whether it’s through carbon offset initiatives or the t-shirts being made from recycled cotton. We’ve done the hard work for you and found five top eco-friendly apparel brands for all business needs.


If you’re wanting a fashion brand that puts people and the planet before profits then Allmade is what you’ve been looking for. Allmade is obsessed with minimalizing the resources needed to make their products, such as reducing the water needed to create the t-shirts compared with traditional manufacturers. This brand keeps things simple. Just high-quality plain garments such as sweatshirts and t-shirts. They use organic cotton and are finished in the USA when possible. 


We suggest going for their ‘Unisex Organic Cotton French Terry Hoodie’ because your employees won’t believe how soft they were able to make it! Another great idea is to buy a bunch of ‘organic cotton tees’ and create your own custom design – enough space for your brand logo to be seen by everyone in the area.

Ohh La La, this French hoodie will draw attention to your business!


The quest to find the one-shop stop for all ethically-produced custom garments is now over. District has everything you’re looking for from a fashion perspective while always being eco-friendly. District also goes further than most in ensuring their whole supply chain is transparent with factory workers given fair wages and safe working conditions. 


To support this awesome brand we think this ‘Women’s Perfect Blend Tee’ is a game-changer for affordable custom print apparel. Being athletic and in shape isn’t easy but The Concert Tank makes even the most arduous gym routine a piece of (sugar-free) cake! It’s a great idea if you’re a health and fitness business to customize this apparel with a design of your choice. 

A custom design on this stylish tee is a guaranteed hit with staff!


If only every clothing manufacturer was like Tentree. If they were, forests the world over would be replenished, communities would be strengthened, and the world would be saved from climate disaster. This is because Tentree plants not one but ten trees for every purchase! The company is on a mission to plant one billion trees by 2030, so get shopping if you want to save the world! Don’t think it’s all take and no give – you’ll get an awesome garment in exchange for doing your part in replanting forests. 


We think the perfect attire to explore these new replenished woodlands is this ‘Organic Cotton Classic Hoodie’ This hoodie is so stylish it’s hard to believe that it’s part of the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ collection! So this fashion statement will directly help the trees you plant once your employees have finished loving it.

Organic cotton and thick cotton makes this hoodie perfect for camping… or just watching a movie

Port Authority

If you’re a business that’s needing high-quality uniforms for employees that are also environmentally friendly, there’s little reason to look beyond Port Authority for your needs. While what you need will depend on your business’ needs, if it’s just a simple polo you need for your employees to look professional while being comfortable all day, ‘C-FREE™ Performance Polo’ is best. The reason we love this polo shirt is because it’s a carbon offset product. By purchasing carbon offsets, Port Authority is removing an equivalent amount of emissions elsewhere in the environment making this polo the ideal option for businesses that are trying to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Ensure your employees look professional while being cool and comfortable with Port Authority’s Performance Polo


Whether you’re a budding basketball legend, the next soccer sensation, or just wanting comfortable and stylish activewear then Sport-Tek should be where you purchase all your apparel. Sport-Tek offers athletic wear that combines high-performance material with vibrant color options so you look Hall of Fame worthy even if you’re a complete rookie! Sport-Tek’s our champions however for their range of apparel made from recycled materials. The ‘Sport-Tek® PosiCharge® Re-Compete Tee’ is ideal no matter what sport you play, and everyone’s a winner because it’s made from 100% recycled polyester.

Sorry, Sport-Tek’s PosiCharge® Re-Compete Tee is for winners only

One more thing

We hope there’s something in this list to ensure that your next apparel purchase is one that’s putting the environment first. With great options, whether it’s for a sporting look, a uniform, or a custom design, there’s really nothing stopping you and your business from supporting businesses that care. 


Every day there seems to be more options available for businesses and individuals to shop sustainably. While this list covers the apparel, all office and personal products now have eco-friendly options available. That’s why we have a couple more lists if you’re looking to shop beyond the closet. ‘Businesses that care: The Environment’ and ‘How Shopping Became Sustainable’ are great ways for you and your business to become renowned for being a business that cares!

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