FIVE Reasons Why Swag is Valuable For Your Company

R&D and marketing are two areas where ROI can be easily measured, and thus their benefits, or lack thereof, can be assessed. Not so with swag. It’s often difficult to decipher the necessity of custom swag for a business. Because of this, during tough times, the slashing of employee rewards or branded merch is often the first to go. Here are five reasons why swag is essential for businesses and why it’s needed now more than ever.

1. Building a culture

If your business has ever asked itself how can coworkers become a team, or if you’ve attempted at making your business feel like a family, custom swag might be the secret you’ve been looking for. Having beautiful, well-designed swag for every employee can heighten unity and the sense of belonging. This boost in internal company culture is a great way to increase productivity and allow employees to feel more united.

Seeing a drop in morale? Some swag might get employees motivated again

2. Improve your CSR

Okay, this one isn’t specific to all custom swag but it is something we’re super passionate about here at DGW Branded. We can curate products from companies that align with your values. Whether that’s supporting women-owned businesses, environmental giveback missions, or whatever else you’re passionate about. This can have two massive benefits for your business. Partnering with a B Corp like us and supporting other purpose-driven companies can boost your CSR commitment all while having awesome swag at the same time. In turn, this strengthens your company’s identity and how your business is perceived by your employees and clients

Buying swag that does good can create a snowball effect of global change

3. Tempt top talent

During their first few weeks at a company, employees are still trying to figure out whether they fit in. Eliminate any doubts they have with a New Hire Kit. A mix of office tools – notepad, wireless charger, and some fun swag such as a Grow Kit and a cool t-shirt can is a great way to settle any nerves.

Not only does this help new hires get going but if you make these kits really spectacular your company will soon be famous for being the ones who give awesome perks… a great way to tempt the very best to your company!

4. Increase brand awareness

Prices are rising seemingly every day and coupled with a looming recession, it’s no surprise that companies are hesitant at spending big on advertising and employee bonuses. Why not combine both and save money at the same time? 

Quality, branded swag can be the best of both worlds. By offering the latest products from Nike and Yeti, employees are rewarded for their hard work and will give that extra 10%. For your business, you’ll find they use this genuinely useful swag everywhere they go. A potential new client will spot that Hershel briefcase at the conference and a dejected employee will Google the custom logo on that North Face jacket they saw your employee wear and wonder what other great perks that company offers. Why not have your employees advertise your brand and feel good about it?

Custom swag is a win for employees and a win for your marketing goals!

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5. Keep employees happy

We mentioned before that custom swag can increase team culture and unity but what about individual employees? You probably already know about The Great Resignation and mass walk-outs that are happening across the country. Avoid getting slammed on Glassdoor or see just one of your amazing employees leave for better perks or recognition elsewhere.Custom swag is a great way to prove that your company is the best place to work! 


Are you really going to let your best employees leave for better benefits elsewhere?

Companies that have a positive work culture and focus on inclusion have a 35% lower turnover rate… swag isn’t a nice extra, it’s essential.

One more thing

It’s about time we give swag the respect it deserves as a leading strategy for so many areas of business. It can help your business achieve incredible results by aligning with company culture, allowing client relationships to prosper, and even aligning with your CSR goals. What’s more, in the current economic and social climate, we have no time to waste when it comes to getting swag for our employees. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve all of the perks above!

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