From Click to Parcel:  DGW Branded’s Step-by-Step Ordering Process

Going from a blank piece of paper to fully customized gift boxes to reward or motivate your employees can be daunting. We know it might be tempting to take the easy route; buy a bunch of candles or a hundred boxes of chocolates and call it a day. However, doing the bare minimum for our employees doesn’t exactly fuel them to go above and beyond in their work nor give them enough reason to stay rather than jump ship to another company.


Wowing employees to show genuine thoughtfulness and appreciation is a great way to have more engaged and loyal employees. This makes the potential ROI of DGW Branded’s custom boxes far higher than just the bog-standard generic gift. 


Even with these massive benefits, a business may feel the process will be so long and cumbersome that an inferior option will do. As we’re to prove in this article, the process of going from clicking on our website to having your custom products arrive will take only six simple steps. So let’s find out how we can go from fatigued staff to energized employees without breaking a sweat.

The 6 Simple Steps: From Bleh to Branded

1. Visit DGW Branded

The first thing you need to do is visit DGW Branded. On our website, there are plenty of reasons why DGW Branded should be your go-to service for all employee engagement needs. When visiting the ‘About Us’ section of our website, you’ll find out that we’re not an ordinary business. Our projects, which include our Workforce Development Program, provide those from the foster system the skills, experiences, and jobs they deserve to give them an equal chance at shaping their own destiny. 


The next section you should check out is our Inspiration page, this is a great place to be inspired by other kits that companies have curated for their employees. Incredible projects have helped revolutionize the culture of a company through custom boxes such as custom welcome kits for your new employees and holiday gift kits. These are just two ideas from an unlimited choice – the sky is the limit for what your company can create with these custom kits.

2. Speak to a member of our team

Now that you know the value of working with DGW Branded, both for the wider community and for your business, it’s time to proceed with the next step. If you felt inspired by our Inspiration page, that’s great, you can tell us some of the items that you consider would also be appreciated by staff at your company. If you’re still scratching your head that’s no problem – that’s what we’re here for! 

Regardless of what stage of the thinking process you are at, once you’re ready to begin shaping your own boxes, it’s time to speak with one of our industry experts.


You can do so by filling out this form, or if you’d prefer to speak to us on the phone you can do that by calling (949)-354-0400. Whichever means of communication you prefer, you can feel assured that one of our employees will do everything they can to assist, inspire, and help create a uniquely custom experience by guiding you through picking and designing your products and then giving you a quote for what you’ve chosen.

3. Bring your ideas to life

At this stage, your team and ours are in agreement with the products selected. But what about the design? If you’re worried that the products will just be stuck in a brown cardboard box, have no fear! The design of the box is just as important to us as what’s inside. Upload the artwork you have in mind or alternatively, our design team will present a model based on any ideas you may have.


With the products selected and the artwork decided, our awesome designers will bring everything to life and create a powerful mockup of what the final product will look like. We’ll explain the products selected and the design elements of what has been included. Don’t worry if you haven’t fallen in love with the design concept. Any alterations that you’d like to have made can do so, and we’ll tweak any element you feel ought to change to meet the needs and expectations of your employees. 

4. It's time to pack

Now that we’ve reached an agreement with the final design and product selection, it’s time for the boxes to be created. Our industry experts will work tirelessly to source and ship the products as quickly as possible as we curate and assemble each custom engagement box. Along the way, we’ll provide you with updates and final production details so you know exactly what stage the order is at. Of course, any time you would like more information, we’re only an email or phone call away!

5. Only a few days left to go!

The individual products have arrived, and our Workforce Development team has assembled and hand-packed the custom boxes – everything is ready to go and will be sent out for delivery. If all goes to plan, the time taken from us receiving the final products to arriving at your company should be no longer than 5-8 business days. 

*Please note that due to warehousing and supply chain limitations we may need to adjust time frames and will provide accurate lead times upon ordering.

6. The boxes have arrived. Now what?

So long as there are no hiccups, between 5-8 business days have passed and your order has arrived – wahoo! We hope that you’re thrilled with the final product, and your employees feel appreciated with this ultimate morale-boosting strategy. If you and your employees are delighted with the finished product we’d love it if you could leave a review! This helps boost our business which in turn creates opportunities for those from the foster care system. Even more incredible would be if you share your experience on social media. 


We’re a growing business who are trying to improve with every order. As we continue to strive towards perfection, we might make a few hiccups along the way. If something isn’t quite right please let us know and we’ll get back to you within one business day. We all make mistakes so what’s important is finding a solution to any problem that occurs. Contact us and we’ll do everything we can to put things right.

A final note

It’s as easy as that. In just six steps you can transform your company into being a business that cares. Treating employees with the respect and dignity they deserve is more crucial than ever in having a thriving business. We’re passionate about the custom boxes that we create and have found them to be the ideal way to boost motivation and productivity. This in turn will help you recruit top talent who’ve heard that your company is the one to work for, as well as keep labor turnover as low as possible. 


Let’s not forget that another reason why DGW Branded is a business that deserves your collaboration, is due to the work we do within our local community. In 2021 we’re so proud of having employed 61 former foster care kids in 2021, providing them with valuable mentoring and life skills. With your help, we can achieve even greater numbers in the future.  


We hope that this step-by-step guide will help reassure you that ordering at DGW Branded is a straightforward and intuitive process. Any questions you may have may already have been answered. Check out our FAQ page if there’s anything you are unsure about. If there are still any concerns or queries you may have before you wish to begin creating your custom box, you can email us at or call us at (949)-354-0400.

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