As many as a trillion plastic bags are used (and disposed of) each year. Guess where most end up?

Going Plastic Free in 2022

At DGW Branded we’ve always focused a lot of energy (pun intended) on environmental protectionism. On our Environmental pillar page, we will help you discover some of DGW Branded’s top eco-friendly products for your business needs.  We have a range of products that ditches plastic in favor of more sustainable alternatives, such as wheat straw, bamboo, and kraft paper. 


In this article, we’re going to explain exactly why these materials feature so prominently in our range of products. But first, let’s look at exactly what’s wrong with plastic.

Plastic, How bad is it?

Did you know that plastic was invented to reduce natural waste? Back then, it was seen as a way to ease the insatiable demand for wood, metal, stone, and other natural resources. By the 1950s the plastic revolution was in full swing and disposable items became the norm. The plastic utopia soon sank, but the toxic oceans and landfills have reached a tipping point. 




We are all well aware of the disastrous effect plastic is having on our world, but replicating its remarkable qualities while avoiding its ecological impact leaves most of us scratching our heads.




Cramming in all the good things: durability, cost, and usability while being a positive impact on the environment was never going to be easy.



But DGW Branded understands that persisting with plastic is not only irresponsible but dangerous. We know a solution is imperative. It’s why we don’t have just one plastic replacement but three.


In this article, we will explain how these plastic alternatives can transform your business ecologically. We will also prove how by implementing wheat straw, bamboo, and kraft paper, a company’s product line can be modernized while creating a positive impact.

But we don’t just talk the talk: you can check out DGW Branded’s eco-friendly promotional products to see how we accomplished corporate environmental responsibility while having an awesome range of products ideas and trade show tools.

Going the environmentally friendly route shows your business cares

Wheat Straw Plastic

Wheat straw plastic could be the ideal plastic alternative. We don’t even need the good wheat, only the by-product so don’t worry about running out of pasta or bread. Typically left to rot and produce nothing but methane, this common waste product has more than just a bad smell.



It’s the lignin in this leftover straw that is the game-changer: by using a bit of science and a lot of magic, this lignin can form into strong substances like plates, cups and storage containers. 




Just like plastic it is completely microwaveable and freezer safe. It can also handle really hot temperatures (up to 100°Celsius / 220°Fahrenheit). To prove its capabilities, we have a Sustainable Wheat Mug that’s perfect for even a piping hot cappuccino. 


Wheat straw has some amazing capabilities, perhaps the most impressive is its biodegradability – especially compared to plastic. It takes just half a year to turn into compost at home, or two months at a compost facility at most. 


Don’t think it’s just for very basic products like plates and cups. We carry cool pairs of sunglasses using this miracle wheat, and even a wireless charger! 



When it comes to sustainability, chopping down even more trees doesn’t sound great, but don’t give us the axe. Whereas a big oak might take 35 years to fully grow, bamboo takes just a few months. This allows the forests to be sustainable, plus bamboo’s rapid growth means their produce can be a lot cheaper to buy than traditionally made products. 


Thankfully the ecological benefits don’t hamper the quality of the product. You can trust that they are just as durable and tough as plastic. It’s why our Bamboo Bento Lunch Box and Vacuum Sealed Bamboo Bottle are so successful.


Everyday products like this can be given the ‘wow’ factor by replacing plastic with bamboo. Both take advantage of their materials to boast a sleek wood design which stands out against plastic mediocrity. Through the use of bamboo, these have the feel of premium products even with lower production costs than plastic. 


Transforming utility products is brilliant, but bamboo can be used for even more than that. Did you know that it can be the perfect material for high-tech products? In a sleek and modern design, our  Eco-Friendly Bamboo Power Bank encapsulates the variety of uses bamboo has to offer. 


Bamboo is brilliant: it grows quickly, doesn’t need chemicals, and the material is great for so many household products

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper has been used for over a century to produce a far stronger form of paper. Because it  naturally degrades in just a few weeks, it has no greater of an environmental consequence than leaves falling off a tree.


A variant of kraft paper, made from recycled pulp, is a great option for brands that want to use sustainable packaging in their supply chain. While its uses as a packaging material have been well-known, Doing Good Works has a range of products that proves it is a great alternative to plastic. 


Combining an interesting ‘woody’ texture with a refusal to bend and tear, kraft paper can be used for more than just a handy takeaway box. One forward-thinking way to implement the use of kraft material for your business is a backpack. Ours is fully padded, can carry most laptops and it has two mesh water bottle holders. So it does everything a regular backpack can do, but made with washable kraft paper.


Our 100% Kraft Paper bags proves the strength of eco-friendly materials

Recycled Plastic

We know that even with our best intentions, completely eliminating all plastic from our product range can be impossible. But, if you do have to use plastic, there’s no need to be an old dinosaur.



Some plastic is better than others and the friendly plastic used in All Good’s lip balms and sunscreens are the best of the lot. Because they’re made from recycled plastic, these bottles are as kind to nature on the outside as what’s on the inside.



Their entire skincare line is made of chemical free ingredients, so they’re as safe for your skin as they are the ocean. 




The demands of corporate environmental responsibility can weigh heavily on companies. We hope that by explaining the advantages of sustainable plastic alternatives, the process of switching to eco-friendly promotional products is not only attainable, but should make a fruitful return for any business. 


We have done all the hard work – sourcing the plastic-free material and offering a range of products to inspire the versatility of wheat plastic, kraft paper, and bamboo. The climate crisis demands a radical rethink of the material of our consumer products. But as we have shown with our range of sustainable products, the switch to a plastic-free company should be something every business strives towards.


DGW Branded has even done all the hard work for you. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most incredible products from environmentally friendly businesses. As well as some of the companies that are going the extra mile to protect the planet we all share.

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