A Guide to Campus Sustainability Month

Higher education is all about preparing students for the next chapter of their lives.

Solving algebra problems paves the way to becoming a top engineer, and if a student wants to become a bestselling author, studying Fitzgerald at college is the best way to prepare.  One thing every student should learn is the importance of sustainability and ecological responsibility. That’s why Campus Sustainability Month is so important. We can’t wait to see the teach-ins, sustainability pledge drives, zero-energy concerts, green sporting events, and whatever else you have planned this October!


We’re also excited about sharing some of our favorite co-branded products that will engage students and promote sustainability. But remember: These are just a few of our favorite innovative ideas – if there’s anything else you’re interested in, just fill out the form and we can make it work! 

Fill it Forward - Cupanion Bottle

If you didn’t think the humble water bottle could be full of innovative tech, think again! Fill it Forward has paired its bottles with a QR Code – students from different classes can compete to see who’s the most hydrated! They can even measure their environmental footprint and the global impact these bottles are having. The Cupanion is truly unique… especially with your custom-designed bottle! 

Searching for something else? We customize so many sustainable bottles! Fill in the form with what you’re looking for and we’ll find the best option for you. 

Recycled Hip Pack

A Hip Pack for a student is something they never knew they could do without. Keeping precious belongings safe just got a whole lot more eco-friendly, thanks to our latest Hip Pack. It’s 100% recyclable yet still super durable and high-quality. 

Do your students love designer gear? For A+ marks from your students, we can customizable hip packs from Cotopaxi, Adidas, and so much more!

Stainless Steel Bamboo Bento Box

Every hungry student will appreciate our customizable Bento Boxes, now available in three sustainable options. Pick the Stainless steel for extra security topped with the customizable bamboo lid, students’ lunch will have never looked so stylish! 

With Double-Decker Wheat Straw and Circle Bento Boxes also available, there’s a Bento Box for everyone!

A-peel Apple Notebook

No trees were harmed making the A-peel notebook! It’s made from apple pulp and other vegetable fibers making this one of the most eco-friendly and innovative notebooks you can customize! 

Cork Bluetooth Speaker

One thing students all love is music. This Bluetooth speaker will stand out at the party as it’s made from recycled cork! With incredible acoustics and a rechargeable battery, this is a student promo item that will be truly loved.

Biodegradable USB drive

With copper motherboards and plastic wiring, tech isn’t the category consumers consider particularly eco-friendly. We’re trying to change that. This flash drive is made of degradable material yet is still at the cutting edge of tech by using USB 2.0 making file transfer quicker than ever… no more excuses about handing in that assignment late!

Want more eco-friendly tech? From bamboo wireless chargers to wheat straw earbuds we have something Branded your students will love. 

Cork Massage Ball

Exams. Money. Heartache. It’s fair to say that the life of a college student is full of stress. Help relieve your students with the #Branded cork massage ball. This powerful self-healing cork massage ball can enhance joint movement and calm nerves. Is this the eco-friendly stress reliever students have been looking for? 

Let’s get started!

This Campus Sustainability Month we have more ways to go eco-friendly than ever. What’s more, these products aren’t just for the month but can have a lasting impact on your students for their whole college life. With customized college swag, you can promote sustainability while showing how caring your enterprise is! While we know there are still a couple of months until October, it’s best to place your order now to avoid shipping issues and stock shortages. As we said earlier, these are just a few of our favorite ideas for the month, if there’s something else that you’re looking for just reach out to us and we can curate a tailored list just for you.

One more thing

As a B Corp, DGW Branded takes pride in thinking beyond profit. We want to see the world as equitable as possible, and to see a planet that works for everyone. That’s why we write articles such as this one. 


We prove our commitment to this by hiring those from the foster care system to help pack our orders. Find out more about our Workforce Development program to see how we’re helping our community flourish.

Let's do good together.

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This Campus Sustainability Month, we’re highlighting some of our favorite Branded products made from bamboo, cork, and even apple pulp. Let’s educate students about caring for our planet while having fun at the same time!

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A Guide to Campus Sustainability Month

This Campus Sustainability Month, we’re highlighting some of our favorite Branded products made from bamboo, cork, and even apple pulp. Let’s educate students about caring for our planet while having fun at the same time!

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