How Print-on-Demand is Revolutionizing Sustainable Printing

A change of focus

Here at DGW Branded, we like to think outside the box. We welcome forward-thinking ideas that bolster our mission of creating the best, most sustainable products. If we can achieve these objectives while continuing to be a thriving business, dismantling the status quo is fine by us.


This is why we print-on-demand (POD). Unlike traditional methods, where bulk buying is encouraged because of further discounts, print on demand only makes what you’ve already sold. 


You shouldn’t be put off with slightly higher initial costs compared with bulk buying. With reduced long-term investment required, as well as potential exponential growth unseen in the traditional printing industry, print-on-demand’s expected return on investment (ROI) exceeds current standards. In fact, we think the adage, ‘buying in bulk is always best,’ can be made redundant. When we consider the high price of storage,  unused items, and management planning-  a business can actually see profits rise by using print-on-demand. Not only does sustainable printing reduce or eliminate these costs, but we have other ways to further increase profit margins.

Get creative

While we are adamant that the majority of a business’ print needs can be made more affordable with the print-on-demand approach, there are further gains to be made by using this more flexible system. 


Customized items are a quickly developing market and one that should be targeted. Studies have shown that turning a product into a unique gift can increase its value by 20%. These personalized promotional products are appreciated by new customers and current employees can feel more valued by this extra touch of care. From fashion apparel to kitchen utensils, there’s no excuse for not being able to find the perfect present while using an eco-friendly, print-on-demand system. 


Customized products are great but we’re in 2022 and while the demand for customized items is still growing, consumers have other concerns when they’re considering their purchases. When looking at what to buy, being a sustainable product, with renewable or recycled materials is an increasingly pressing concern for shoppers. In one survey, 66% of all respondents, and 75% of millennial respondents, said they consider sustainability when making a purchase. That’s why we’d recommend having at least the option of an eco-friendly alternative in your store to attract customers and market your business as an environmentally-responsible company. In fact, as we’ll find out now, the ways POD can radically reduce the emission output of your company go far beyond switching from cotton to recycled shirts.

Having customized options and eco-friendly alternatives opens up new worlds of opportunities for businesses


These high-quality and sustainable products are always appealing to the end-user, and as we’ve stated, a business can also see an increase in its efficiency. But at Doing Good Works, we’ve never been satisfied with just that. If we had to use irresponsible methods to produce the benefits of the POD system we would’ve gone back to the drawing board.


The environmental footprint that can be amassed through traditional methods can be huge. Because you only print what you sell, we no longer need to worry about huge quantities of quality goods ending up in landfills. 


We also firmly believe that this more streamlined approach to management and production cycles can be more easily maintained with waste reduced.  With all these Print on Demand benefits, there’s never been a better time to ditch the cumbersome storage facilities and having huge quantities of unsold products.

Customized products can help increase profit margins while saving the planet

A final word

The great thing is that printing on-demand benefits every link in the production chain. The end consumer is delighted with their customized, eco-friendly t-shirt, the shareholder is enjoying the increased profit margins, and the planet breathes a sigh of relief due to the unnecessary waste of traditional printing no longer filing up landfills. We didn’t publish this article because we’re sponsored by Big POD to takeover American businesses. We published it because it’s what we do. All our customized products are shipped using the POD system. We love the results and we think you will too.


We’re proud of what we have accomplished using Print on Demand and you can see the results for yourself. Purpose Printery is a workforce development print shop that uses this technique to fulfill all orders. You can learn more about the POD process here. 

Please contact us if you would like more information about Print on Demand, our products, or how we can help you build an eco-friendly print-on-demand business model.

Please contact us if you would like more information about Print on Demand, our products, or how we can help you build an eco-friendly print on demand business model.

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