Important Resources for Former Foster Youth

DGW Branded is determined to help as many former foster youths receive the stable platform they need to achieve a brighter future. Our drive to help has already given over 100 jobs and support to those who have experienced foster care. While we will continue to work tirelessly to give support to those in our communities, sadly this system-wide outrage goes beyond the places we call home. 

It’s why we’ve created this resource. Life domains are the different aspects and experiences of life that we all consider as we age and grow. It’s widely accepted that there are eight domains that, if all parts are fulfilled, will leave the individual in a state of wellness and live a quality life.

For anyone, finding and maintaining fulfillment in any of the domains never mind all eight can be a lifetime aim. For those from foster care, the added obstacles can create a lifetime barrier that’s impossible to overcome. 

We’ll discuss each of these eight domains and provide valuable resources to help those who have experienced foster care receive the support they need to live a fulfilling life.


It’s pretty difficult to achieve a life of stability without having a structured job. Baylor’s Professional Development Guide will help you navigate the world of employment and find the role that’s right for you.



finance-8-life-domains (1)

However important having stable employment is, without careful financial planning it’s easy for chaos and turbulence to continue to reign. That’s why we advise all of our Workforce Development program employees to use Mint. Mint is a free app that helps us build financial awareness and create financial habits that serve us best.


Health is so much more than blood pressure and cholesterol number. It’s everything that makes us human the mind, body, and spirit. A great way to start and keep a healthy lifestyle is by using the Darebee Resource. It’s about time that all areas of fitness – from workouts to healthy recipes – are accessible to everyone. No need for a fancy gym membership or an arduous personal training program.


Life Skills


The skills we need to succeed in life do not have a simple list, but instead, we focus on those that develop our communication, executive functioning, decision making, problem-solving, resilience, and ability to handle change. 


We can be given opportunities and support but without that inner determination, all hope is in vain. Having a growth mindset allows us to build on the knowledge we have and give us that ambition to propel us to new heights. 


Whether you’re in foster care or not we think you should watch this video on growth mindset to see how it can transform your life!


The best places to learn and the most effective methods to improve are different for everyone. Especially now during the pandemic, many are turning to online classes to find the safest and most comfortable environment for them. One platform we know from experience can help us learn new skills is Udemy. Udemy provides over 130,000 online videos from learning computer programing to beginner photography.




It’s borderline impossible to succeed in our mental, physical, and professional lives without having others for support. People are feeling more isolated and lonely than ever before and there’s no stigma in getting help with self-worth and understanding how unique and precious we all are. 


Respite is providing southern California residents with a unique 8-week workshop on improving self-worth and gives you tools to come to a place of healing. Click the link to sign up!


Housing isn’t just bricks and mortar, it’s the place where we can feel secure, and comfortable. It also includes the things in our home. By becoming a member of Frontier Coop, we can get the things we need, while also doing good!


Personal Identity


Discovering your own identity is an essential part of becoming an adult and for the rest of your life. Brene Brown has books, podcasts, as well as free downloadable content to assist you with mastering numerous life skills to help set you up for success.

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