Compassion is the Greatest Skill to Learn

Doing Good Works tries to help those who have experienced foster care in every way possible. From providing Lyft rides to ensure they arrive safely, to helping them with job opportunities after gaining valuable skills and experience with us. 


Less tangible goals but of equal importance is to give all who work with us the compassion and gratitude they deserve; things that rarely experience in their neglected and traumatic-filled lives. Watching their development both from an employment and human standpoint is something that creates incredible meaning and fulfillment to all of us who have the privilege of working with these exceptional young people. The positive journey they have undertaken is all we ask for in exchange for the Workforce Development program we provide. Not that these kids wanted to stop there. 

24 February is a special day at Doing Good Works because our Foster Greatness mentor and leader, Perla, celebrates her birthday! As a thank you for her dedication in helping them, the workforce development team went out of their way to surprise her with a special birthday cake from our neighbors, Premier Sales Solutions. This company’s main focus is to help provide sales solutions to grocery stores- they just listened to the story the Workforce team told and wanted to get involved. Luckily they had a cake they were willing to share for the special occasion and it certainly put the cherry on top for Perla’s birthday! 


As the Workforce team lit the candles and sang happy birthday to Perla, all of us who witnessed this amazing event understood more than ever that doing good really does work.

Let's Do Good Together.

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