Mapping Out and Launching Your Very Own “Green” Business

Would you like your new business to be two and a half times more successful than average? According to Accenture, turning sustainable is how you could pull that off. Sustainable aka environmentally-friendly “green” businesses not only have a neutral or positive environmental impact, but they’re also more marketable and potentially more profitable than traditional businesses. 


As such, if you’re planning to launch your own company, it may be in your best interests to make it green. Here, Doing Good Works offer some quick facts about sustainability, followed by inspiration and suggestions on creating a successful sustainable business:

Eco-friendly: The New Normal

There’s been a 71 percent rise in demand for sustainable products, reports Climate Action, over the past 5 years – and it’s only heightened during the pandemic. Customers are not only becoming more conscious about their carbon footprint, but they’re also actively embracing a greener lifestyle by purchasing eco-friendly products and services. 


Furthermore, governments the world over are drafting new laws around operating cleanly – laws which are only going to get tighter with time. 

In response, brands big and small are making efforts to become more sustainable and incorporate eco-friendliness into their operations in various ways. Some examples are switching to green energy, reducing waste, and sourcing ethically.  

There’s long-term value in going green

Going green can benefit your new business in several ways: 

  • Better reputation: You’ll be recognized as an ethical operation in the market, drawing praise from customers, employees, and investors. 
  • Tax credits and grants: You may qualify for tax credits and grants if you meet certain milestones – like energy efficiency. 
  • Healthier environment: You create a healthier working environment for yourself and employees.  
  • Better finances: In the long run, sustainability will likely result in increased profits and savings.  
  • Long-term survivability: Lastly, sustainable businesses are more likely to weather future storms like the coronavirus crisis intact.

What do you need to be eco-friendly?

You need a basic understanding of eco-friendliness, some eco-friendly goals, and a plan: 

Simple green initiative suggestions

Is there a catch?

Implementing sustainability isn’t always easy. Being a new concept, it’s not well-understood or well-supported by the ecosystem (although that’s slowly changing). You may have a hard time creating a truly sustainable process – like finding an ethical supplier or switching to renewable energy. The cost may be too high or your products may not receive as warm a reception as you were expecting. Some of your employees may also be resistant to it all. Failure is common.  


DGW Branded specializes in sourcing sustainable products for office (and home and personal) use. You can get in touch with us to learn more about what we can do for you.

Marketing is integral to your success

To truly cement your place as a sustainable business, you must market yourself while emphasizing your sustainability. This is beneficial in several ways. It allows you to build up a reputation as a pro-planet brand. You can attract new investors and employees who believe in sustainability. Finally, you can also find customers and clients who’re happy to support eco-friendly businesses. Marketing allows you to establish yourself in the ecosystem.

Launching and marketing a green product, as well as your business, can be surprisingly complicated. To ensure you don’t miss any important steps along the way, you can create and follow a pre-made strategy template. It can keep you organized and on track. This template could contain your business plan, marketing strategy, and information relevant to your product’s release, allowing you to streamline your process from start to finish. Here’s a go-to-market strategy template to use (or consult).


Becoming sustainable doesn’t have to be hard. You could start small and implement one green process at a time, and implement more as you go. It may be some extra work, but your investment will likely pay for itself in time. 

As a B Corp, DGW Branded takes pride in thinking beyond profit. We want to see the world as equitable as possible, where everyone is given an equal opportunity to shine. That’s why we write articles such as this one. 


For our own company, we prove our commitments to this by hiring those from the foster care system to help pack our orders. To find out more about our workforce program, please visit this section of our website.


While we hope we’ve clarified some of the roles and responsibilities of each section of the B Corp movement, we’re always willing to help other businesses succeed in their societal and environmental responsibilities, please leave a comment if you have any questions. For your business needs, you can also speak to one of our experts to find out how DGW Branded can help your business. 


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