Making a GREEN Statement at Corporate Events

In our article “Events on a Budget: The Essentials“, we listed five products that will guarantee event success, regardless of budget. From the bamboo stand to the Table Top Tic Tac Toe, these essentials can help small businesses and startups navigate the corporate world and make a name for themselves at any trade show.

But what if you want to go beyond the essentials? What ways are there to make a business stand, stand out? That’s what we’re going to look at in this article. How can a business go the extra mile and have a show-stopping pitch that will not only be the talk of the event but can generate such an online buzz that will prove your decision in expanding your marketing budget as the best call to make.

So without further ado let’s take a look at some extra special tools to consider to take your stand’s business events and trade show adventures to the next level!

Bamboo Market Umbrella

This umbrella is perfect any day of the year in making your stand the best around

This one is perfect for outdoor events. Whether you’re looking for shade from the heat in California or looking to guard against a potential shower in Ohio, this is the ideal product. Truth be told, you might even hope that there’s a break in the weather. Attendees can congregate under the big canopy and admire the sturdy bamboo construction! 


Even if the weather is bliss, money spent on this Bamboo Market Umbrella is far from wasted. The design allows for lots of space for your custom print logo or brand name. It’s also a great way to differentiate your business from the competition – attendees will be wowed by the stand with the premium-looking umbrella! 


They’ll be even more impressed when you mention what it’s made from – the stand’s made from sustainably sourced bamboo while recycled plastic bottles make up the canopy.

REPREVE® Step and Repeat Banner

Nobody will miss your stand with this Repreve Step and Repeat Banner

Another great piece of equipment to transform your stall into being the first stand guest will attend is the Repreve Step and Repeat Banner. Its full-color dye means that colors pop – perfect for your custom logo and print design. The vibrancy is particularly powerful due to its size; at 7.5’ W X 7.5’ H it can gather lots of attention. 


This is awesome as potential customers will flock to your stand. It has the added bonus of being highly visible in photos. If customers snap a pic, what better background could they have over your bright and colorful logo and brand message? 


Another way to prove your business puts the environment first is with this banner. It’s made using fully recycled fiber and is completely sustainable. All these attributes make this banner a stand out!

100% Recycled Fleece Blanket

Being cozy and soft makes this fleece a fantastic freebie!

How many events have we all gone to and are greeted with an endless away of cheap plastic water bottles or free pens that break as soon as you start scribbling? While there’s no doubt these free promo items are an affordable way to promote your business, in reality, they’re only going to cause your business to be correlated with cheap, landfill guzzlers!


What you want is a promo item that will wow audience members into thinking that your business cares for the environment and the end-user. What you want is the 100% Recycled Fleece Blanket. This will drive attendees to your stand in droves. 


They’ll love the super-soft 150gsm recycled fabric, while also being impressed with the partnership with 1% For The Planet. Don’t think you’re just throwing money down the drain, there’s plenty of space for your brand logo and custom message. Just think how much more use these fleeces will receive compared to the typical freebie junk given away.


If you’re still not sold at having the fleece as a giveaway, you could consider using it as a prize for a competition. By entering a contest the 100% Recycled Fleece Blanket could be the grand prize. This way you can still generate a big spectacle for your business without having to buy so many. Either way, this blanket is sure to do great things for your trade show.  

Bamboo Flash Drive

A flash drive giveaway is a good idea, but one made from bamboo takes things to the next level

Want something flashy as a giveaway? Look no further than this Bamboo Flash Drive. The bamboo exterior has three great purposes: Looking amazing, wowing customers, and showing your environmental credentials by using sustainable materials for your promo items. 


This USB drive is a great way to have something a little different at your stand – no boring pencils here! Although small, there’s room for a custom design to be engraved into the bamboo – again adding to the premium feel. 


If you really want to go the extra mile, you could put a few files preloaded onto these small but mighty flash drives. We’re thinking a promo video that gives a tour of how your business operates. Or you could include some high-res photos of some of your most popular products. 


The options are endless when it comes to gaining a wider audience with the Bamboo Flash Drive.

Recycled Silk Eco-Friendly Booklets

Give these booklets away and news of your business will soon spread

In our ‘event essentials’ article, we suggested using a couple of brochures to highlight your company’s services and philosophy. But that was marketing on a budget. This article’s all about going above and beyond the status quo. 


That’s why we’re suggesting these Recycled Silk Eco-Friendly Booklets as the ultimate way to brag about your business. Instead of printing just one or two like we recommended for the Recycled Brochures, you can go right ahead and print out a bunch of these booklets for guests to take home with them. 


Don’t worry about the environment. These are fully-recycled booklets and Ancient Forest Friendly yet thanks to the silk material they ooze class and sophistication.

Last Note

Those are all the products we think can really raise some eyebrows and gain business exposure at the event and a wider audience to your website and social media platforms. We can’t wait to see your stands at events and trade shows that feature these awesome products!


At DGW Branded, we take pride in taking responsibility in how our business can impact the environment. That’s why all the products we listed in this list are all made from recycled fabrics or sustainably sourced materials. While we love the products listed above, and in our other article that features the essentials, we have an entire store of awesome ways you can print your way to business success.


But making great products isn’t our only commitment. We want to support our local community and help those less fortunate than ourselves. That’s why we donate time and money to those in the foster care system. As well as providing jobs and training to become experts.


To find out more about DGW Branded’s social projects, visit here. Speak to one of our experts if you have any questions and leave a comment below to tell us how the products in our collection helped your business be the star of your latest event!

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