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Meeting Logan

We had the pleasure of sitting down with our Chief Experience Officer, Logan Altman to discuss all things Doing Good Works. Logan gave us an insight into the day-to-day life at Doing Good Works, as well as his history at the company. It wasn’t all business, we also found out more about how one of our longest-serving employees likes to spend time outside of the office. Read on to find out all things Logan, from all the amazing work he does at DGW to his famous Taylor Swift tribute! 

His position and his history with
Doing Good Works

The interview began in a typical fashion with the questions focused on finding out more about the role Logan has in the company. Logan told us that he’s the Chief Experience Officer. When asked about what exactly that entails, he replied, “It involves all of the business aspects of the organization, ensuring that both the customers and our manufacturers are working in tandem to provide a great experience for the recipient of the goods and services.”


Without Logan, the operation would fail to operate. His role is crucial in understanding exactly what the customer is looking for and being able to go from the customer side of things to the logistics and our vendors to make sure the highest standards are met. 


At the end of the day, “we don’t want any surprises… so we’ll be as upfront as possible. When a customer does end up ordering it’s exactly or exceeding the expectations of what they’re looking for from the very start.” 



When Logan joined the team, he had no idea that one day this is what he’d be doing for the company. Back then, he spent more time in the marketing department with his blogs helping to spread the word about Doing Good Works and the B Corp movement. Back when the company was founded by Scott Henderson and in 2014, Logan was one of the B Corps’ first hires.


 When asked how he heard about the company, Logan spoke about his luck in having a phone call with his friend who knew Scott. In the interview, Logan gave a big thanks to his friend who felt he had  “great industry experience,” which would be a perfect match with the ideals of the company. 


After holding initial talks in May 2015 with our founders, this quickly “led to three or four more conversations.” In no time, Logan began to understand the philosophy of Doing Good Works and that the company wanted to go beyond being in the promo merchandise industry and benefit the wider community. The thing that Logan felt most excited about in these early days was Scott and Jordan’s passion in helping those from the foster care system gain the experience, skills, and mentorship that will help them succeed in life – this eventually formulated into the Workforce Development Program we have today. Despite “never really [having] a whole ton of foster experience” Logan became passionate about the concept and began formulating plans on intertwining his existing expertise in sales and marketing with the foster youth program. “I was formulating in my head, ‘okay this is great, I can tell people about the horrible statistics and how they can have a role in making a change in those statistics.’”

What makes DGW different?

Due to Logan being one of the longest-serving employees at DGW, and the fact that he’s had lots of experience both on the customer service side as well as in logistics and manufacturing, I was keen to hear more about any stories he could share that could prove that Doing Good Works acts differently compared to more traditional companies. To say that Logan had some examples to share would be an understatement! He gushed about some heart-warming stories from a personal and business perspective. He shared experiences he had on an individual basis and then on a nationwide impact. He spoke about one of the first foster youth hires the company was able to help out. Logan remembered that “he came from a very rough background, was very tenacious, [and] wanted to improve himself. He helped our team with some outreach-type initiatives. What was amazing was that we had been gifted a suite to the Anaheim Ducks game and brought him and a couple more individuals from the foster community. It just so happened that it was his birthday that day. Not only did we plan on celebrating with a cake, but all 20 of us in the suite sang happy birthday to him. And he broke down in tears. Most people feel awkward when people sing happy birthday but to this young man, it was something that resonated. We asked, ‘are you okay?’ And he said, ‘In my 18 years of existence, I’ve never had happy birthday sang to me.’”


Logan told us that they attended the event solely thanks to a grateful customer, yet due to the profound experience it had on the young man from foster care, the experience really resonated with our Chief Experience Officer. It ended up “being one of the most impactful memories and reasons why we do what we do. We got to sing happy birthday to a young person who’s never had that sung to them before and it helped shape the workforce development program that we have now. So that for sure is one of my highlights.”

The more employees we have with the passion and dedication as Logan, the more good we can accomplish on a local and international level

We highly recommend listening to this podcast with Advantages Magazine to find out more incredible memories Logan has that prove the power of doing good really does work. In this article, we only have time to share one more incredible tale he has of working on a DGW project.



During the COVID pandemic, the business was asked to import millions of FDA-approved masks from China for healthcare giant Kaiser Permanente. 

There were multiple challenges that DGW faced when tasked with this operation. The sheer number of high-quality masks that were needed, figuring out how to ship them back to the States… all this while – of course – operating under the restrictions and turbulency of the pandemic. 


“It was a pivotal point in our organization because we were able to say, ‘yeah we’re a swag group but we’re really a solutions group. If you need medical-grade masks and if you guys can’t figure it out then we’re going to do our best to make it happen.’


“The project was an incredible success both in terms of a business perspective of how DGW can be in collaboration with an industry giant such as Kaiser Permanente and the scale of products that we needed to source. The project went far beyond numbers, however. 


“Scott, Jordan, and I hopped on a Zoom call with some of the top-level execs. Not only was this great because it reaffirmed the gratitude to our team, but what blew my mind and brought tears to my eyes was a video that they had made from the pulmonologists, from the respiratory therapists, from the nurses, from different places across the US who said, ‘because of your business’ efforts you helped to keep our lives safe and allowed us to see our families at the end of the day. For helping us when nobody else could.’” 



Once again we’d like to thank Logan for sharing these incredible moments with us that really encapsulate what Doing Good Works is all about on a personal level as well as the scale of operations that match our ambitions as a company. We highly recommend reading the full transcript or watching the video interview to find out more about what Logan has to say from a business perspective. For the sake of being as concise as possible, we’ll move on in this article to find out more about Logan the person. 

The man behind the tie

Because of his work commitments and the raising of a young family, we wanted to find out if Logan has time for anything outside of work other than sleeping and changing diapers! Thankfully, Logan has enough time outside of his responsibilities to craft his talent as a musician as well as continue his passion for fishing. Logan described music as a “creative outlook” and he went on to say that John Mayer is a personal hero of his due to his blending of “rock and blues and jazz and [he] puts it all together in a very modern form.” 


Listening to Logan’s acoustic melodies sounds a lot more relaxing compared with one of his other favorite pastimes, fishing. Don’t get us wrong, sitting by a picturesque river and being in nature sounds idyllic but this isn’t how Logan catches the unfortunate fish. “I like lon-range, 20 – 40 miles offshore, 14 hour days, I’m up at 1 am and I’m not getting back till 10, that for me, and catching larger fish is the most exhilarating part.” Whether it’s for work or pleasure, there’s no doubt about Logan’s commitment to going all in to achieve the maximum results.

The ballad of a man looking to change the world


Knowing more about one of the most influential members of the team helps us know more about the company and what it stands for. In the case of Logan, while we can share his words, what we cannot put into print is the passion and drive that were so clear in the video interview. If how a company is judged is through the actions and character of its employees, we would feel honored if Doing Good Works was assessed by the mentality and integrity that radiates in everything Logan puts his mind to. If we all follow his commitment to the company and the community our mission to help create a better world will be one day closer to reality.

Let's Do Good Together.

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