Office Enthusiasts | Corporate Holiday Gift Guide

We all know someone who works 24/7...

While there’s a professional in all of us, there are some who just can’t escape the office. For those who’d prefer to cancel the holidays to continue their grind – we’ve got some ideas that’ll keep their juices going.



Even for those who don’t dream about spreadsheets, we think these corporate holiday gifts can enhance the daily flow and make those mundane tasks a little more exciting.

Ember Self Heating Mug


This Ember Mug Warmer is as far removed as a mundane mug as you can get. It really is the perfect corporate holiday gift because it keeps drinks at the perfect temperature for your employee. 


Users just set the temperature they desire and voila! A hot coffee will last a whole meeting. Now that’s smart.


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Recycled PET Laptop Sleeve

There are millions of laptop sleeves out there, so what makes our Focus sleeve so special? We’re pleased you asked. Not only is it stylish and long-lasting, but it’s made from recycled PET bottles.


Not only that but through a partnership with the National forest foundation, a tree’s planted with every sale. How many other laptop sleeves can do that?


Digital Rocket Book

This notebook provides a classic pen and paper experience, yet is built for the digital age. With a Pilot FriXion that writes like a classic biro, notes are automatically saved and sent to the cloud.


With just a drop of water to the microfiber cloth (included) and wipe away your notes like magic! No corporate holiday gift box is complete without this revolutionary notebook! 

Eco-Friendly Solar Power Bank

Employees will never have to worry about missing an important call or being unable to send a crucial email thanks to this solar power bank. Using the power of the sun it can keep devices charged all day.


When it’s cloudy, it can also be charged like any other power bank. When it’s dark, it doubles as a handy flashlight. It’s clever design means it’s also perfect as a stand for your employees smartphone. 


We hope that this guide has the perfect corporate holiday gift for your employees. With great design, unique features and environmentally sound, there are plenty of ways to add some office swag in the holiday season.


If you’re still looking for the perfect gift, check out other other blogs for some more great holiday gift ideas.

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