Our Favorite Black-Owned Business Products

Picking our favorite black businesses wasn’t easy. It didn’t seem fair to pass up so many great businesses when we were writing our list, whose products were both innovative and beautifully crafted. We couldn’t help but compile a second list, our top ten products from black-owned and led businesses. To make things fair, none of the companies featured in our Black-led and Owned Businesses we Should Know About article are included in this list. That article goes into depth about how the companies were founded and the journey they undertook to reach their present status. 


Here, our words will be dedicated to what we consider the very best products we found that were created by black-owned and led companies. 

Ranging from vintage photographs to contemporary dresses, we hope there’s something here for everyone. Something they all have in common is that the sale of each of these products goes back to supporting black entrepreneurs and their communities. So, get your credit card ready, sit back, and let’s get inspired by our top ten favorite products created by black-owned and led businesses.

Red Bay Coffee - King’s Prize

On the list of our favorite black-owned businesses, we selected Blk & Bold for their inspiring backstory to partnering with the NBA. They’re not the only black-owned coffee curators on the market, however. Red Bay Coffee is an award-winning coffee juggernaut that has been using Fair Trade, organic beans since its inception in 2014. 


We admit that there are worse jobs than testing lots of Red Bay Coffee’s finest drinks to find out our favorite, but as they were all so delicious it was no easy decision! We’re going to award the (appropriately named!) King’s Prize with a place on our list. 


King’s Prize is one of the most popular roasts Red Bay sells. Honoring the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia, the coffee really is unlike anything we’ve ever tasted. While having a bold, strong, flavor, there are also hints of sweet fruit, with honeysuckle and melon really noticeable the more you sip. 

What’s really cool about Red Bay is you can subscribe and receive a fresh bag every seven to 30 days right to your front door. 

Blk Mkt Vintage - Vintage “The Color Purple” Promo Lobby Cards

Honestly, Blk Mkt Vintage has some of the coolest items we’ve come across, period. The company has some of the most amazing assortment of collectibles that celebrate black culture. The site has everything from apparel, to postcards, literature, and just ‘curiosities for everything in between. It was so hard to pick just one of the great and unique products they sell. We would love a copy of one of their Vintage Ebony Jr! Magazines from 1976- 1977, and the Vintage Muhammad Ali Vs. Jean Pierre Coopman Pennant is a must for any boxing fan.

While these are all great, we’re going to go for the Vintage “The Color Purple” Promo Lobby Cards. They’re one of the most affordable options in Blk Mkt Vintage’s collection and would make a truly memorable gift for any movie fan. For those that aren’t aware, The Color Purple is a landmark novel by Alice Walker, with the protagonist being a black woman who ventures through a spiritual journey to overcome the pain and struggle that few can even imagine. The movie from which these cards is a great adaptation directed by the genius that is Steven Spielberg. The artistic shots that Blk Mrk Vintage has in their store are some of the best shots of the film. They are a piece of history and can be cherished for generations to come.

Diop - Harmata Quilted Jacket

The pressures to compress our identities and conform to the homogeneity and blandness of the status quo have compressed the incredible and intricate styles that have been denied to generations of Black Americans who want to celebrate their heritage and who want to be proud of their African heritage. 


Diop rejects that non-African Americans who wear such styles should immediately be castigated as ‘cultural appropriation.’ “DIOP is about inclusion. We design apparel for anyone who believes fitting out is better than fitting in.” The company writes. “The problem is doing so without any consideration or acknowledgment of the meaning these customs have to the people and cultures to whom they belong.” We couldn’t put it better ourselves!


Diop has completely flipped the script. All their fabrics put traditional West-African streetwear back into the mainstream. Black Americans now have the chance to wear the iconic stripes and patterns that represent the heart of the African subcontinent, while taking the form of contemporary Western forms including windbreakers and face masks


Our staff hotly debated what we thought was the overall winner and while there were lots of great shouts for some really spectacular products, it’s the Harmata Quilted Jacket that is awarded a place on our ‘top 10 product’ list. While we love the colors and patterns that make up this one, there are three quilted jackets available and they’re all stunningly detailed and well designed. Light and breathable but snug enough to keep the wearer warm even during the winter months, it’s a must for any wardrobe looking to stand out. Get ready to transform your look!

Jungalow - Arch Mirror

Okay, you’re going to have to forgive us for this one. Jungalow has so many great products that one visit to their site will empty your bank balance! Don’t worry though, not only will your home be filled with some of the most creative and colorful home furnishings we’ve seen but for every purchase, a couple of trees are planted. So you can spend away while helping to save the planet – that sounds like a good deal to us! Speaking of good deals, despite being bespoke items of intricate detail and clearly well-crafted, the products Jungalow sells won’t break the bank. 


In 2009 Jungalow was just a lifestyle blog but now has everything you need to put a smile on your face every time you arrive home. From shower curtains to beautiful mirrors, all of us at Doing Good Works could fill our homes with everything Jungalow has to offer. We’re going to give a special mention to the Peel + Stick Phoenix Wallpaper this can bring a house to life with a vibrant and tropical design it can wow guests as soon as they enter your paper paradise. But there can only be one winner. 


As a way to spice up a home with a powerful piece of design, we have to give a place on our list to the Arch Mirror. Inspired (and made in) Morocco, the detail and beauty of this mirror cannot be underestimated. A vintage look with a touch of grandeur this mirror will reflect just what taste and distinction you have!

The Lit. Bar: Bookstore & Chill Bookshop

This one is for all the bookworms out there. The Lit. Bar: Bookstore & Chill Bookshop celebrates the creativity and imagination of Black writers from James Baldwin’s classics to Ocean Vuong’s New York Times Best Seller, ‘On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous.’


Whether you’re looking for a book that can stir your soul, a way to learn more about black history and the contemporary struggle, or just a non-stop page-turner, we’re sure The Lit. Bar has you covered. If you’re unsure with what novel you’re needing, their website can help with such categories as ‘The Bronx Struggle’ and ‘Dear White People’ to help you find something you didn’t even know what you were looking for. 


Books are of course subjective and before instantly purchasing our winner, we suggest taking a full look at their catalog to find the one – or ones – that will give you your reading fix. That being said, we have to pick one, and that goes to… Black Boy Joy


Black Boy Joy is a curation of 17 short stories from some of America’s finest Black writers. From deciding what to wear to school, to saving the universe, these tales can inspire young minds into achieving the impossible. While primarily designed for young readers, the fun and engaging prose means this can be enjoyed by all ages. 

beelove - Luxury Bath and Moisturizing Collection

We all love honey… at least we all do at Doing Good Works and even if you’re (somehow) not an admirer of the golden nectar on your toast, you might still be tempted by some of beelove’s sweet offerings. They have the traditional tasty stuff, but also honey shower gel and body balm, so you can look, feel and smell as sweet as can be! 


Something else that’s the bee’s knees is that beelove gives second chances to incarcerated individuals who are deserving of a second chance. That means that every purchase you make not only helps another black-owned business succeed but gives those without hope a chance to ‘beelieve’ (sorry).


As much as we’ve enjoyed spreading beelove’s raw natural honey on our crumpets, it’s the beelove Luxury Bath and Moisturizing Collection that has us buzzing the most. With all the lotions and potions you’ll need and each smells better than the last. The package is beautifully put together and can be a wonderful holiday gift that makes a difference.

Coco and Breezy - Pram-202

Twin sisters, Corianna and Brianna Dotson were bullied as kids, so much so that they made safety goggles to protect them from onlookers. It created an alter-ego for them. 


That must seem like a long time ago to these Black female superstars, whose eyewear collection now has Rihanna, Prince, and Lady Gaga as fans. Underpinned by artistry yet without forgetting their mission of inclusivity and equality. Coco and Breezy make spectacles and sunglasses that can fit all different face types and style preferences for both men and women. You have to check out their whole collection as the sisters sell so many unique shades there’ll be something optical for everyone. Saying that, we can’t help but rave about their Pram-202 – they’ll make you feel like a rockstar or a Princess depending on your style!

Míe - Bali Dress

Nobody said that the companies on our list have to be US-based companies. We would like to introduce Míe, a Nigerian based fashion powerhouse (but don’t worry, they do ship to America). Each statement piece is made with sustainable and biodegradable fabrics, to create “breathable and functional [for] women with refined tastes.” Most well-known for their bespoke dresses, Míe has since branched out to include all the resort wear a woman could ever need. We love the Tulum Set which matches a sophisticated long sleeve blouse matched with cute and comfortable shorts. 


The winner, however, has to be the full-flowing Bali dress. Even if you’re in rainy Ohio you’d feel like youre on a tropical island when wearing this stunning piece. In fact, it would be the perfect beach attire for your vacation. It’s 100% linen so light and breathable while leaving everyone else breathless as you approach! 

salt n sprinkles - Cookie Person, Vegan Cookbook

You might remember Partake from our Women in Business article. There, we talked about cookies that did without all the nasties and allergies so everyone can enjoy a delicious baked treat. Salt n sprinkles join Partake in being our favorite cookies with a twist. For this black-owned company, all their cookies are completely vegan, but even if you’re a strict carnivore you still would want nothing more than to stick your teeth into one of these little treasures. How on earth can we pick a favorite? The Matcha Marshmallow Cookies are divine, but can we really put them ahead of the Pistachio Rose Cookies? It’s just too difficult!


That’s why we’re going to cheat a little and suggest purchasing the Cookie Person, Vegan Cookbook. That way you can create your own cookies and we don’t have to decide the winner! We’re not promising they’ll be just as tasty as salt n sprinkles’ collection, but give it a go, and then order the Peanut Butter S’mores’… at least you can say you tried!

Timeless Goods

The jigsaw puzzles that Timeless Goods sell are among the favorites that we’ve seen. The pictures are of fine art instead of the tacky or banal backgrounds more often found in this market. A high-quality jigsaw puzzle can make a great gift, especially if one’s a fan of art and a tricky challenge! 


Timeless Goods sells way more than just jigsaws, with some super cool t-shirt designs as well. It was a bit of a puzzle when deciding which of their products we were going to have as our winner, but decided one of their famous puzzles is a true must-have. Any one of their collection could be the best for you or your loved one, but for us, the Flower Portrait Fine Art Jigsaw Puzzle is the masterpiece in the collection. This is a made-for-order puzzle with the difficulty dependent upon the buyer: you can choose an easy-peasy 108 piece set, or really cause your stress levels to rise by opting for the 1000 piece behemoth! Let us know in the comments below which one you decided to go for! But don’t just tell us, submit a photo of your completed puzzle to Timeless Goods, and a portion of proceeds will be donated to BLACK GIRLS CODE.

A final word

So, which of these awesome products is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! We don’t need to spend a ton, just by actively looking at businesses that support the diversity that makes America, America we can allow everyone to flourish and create products that represent all of us. Who knows just what life-changing business has been dreamt up but denied due to discrimination? The sooner everyone has equal access to opportunities, the greater the innovation that can help solve some of the problems that exist in daily life.


Saying that, if you did just spend all your spare cash on these great products (we’re sorry) but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue shopping, just add them to your holiday wish list, or make subtle hints over what you’d like for your next birthday! We still have plenty more business to support, after all. Now that we’ve looked at some of our favorite products from black-owned and led businesses, take a look at some more products; those been made by female entrepreneurs, and those products whose profits go back to environmental causes.

About DGW Branded

As a B Corp, DGW Branded takes pride in thinking beyond profit. We want to see the world as equitable as possible, where everyone is given an equal opportunity to shine. That’s why we write articles such as this one. 


Furthermore, we hire those from the foster care system to help pack our orders. To find out more about our workforce program, please visit this section of our website.


While we hope we’ve clarified some of the roles and responsibilities of each section of the B Corp movement, we’re always willing to help other businesses succeed in their societal and environmental responsibilities, please leave a comment if you have any questions. For your business needs, you can also speak to one of our experts to find out how DGW Branded can provide you with custom items for promo and staff needs.

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