Relaxation Gifts | Corporate Holiday Gift Guide

This guide takes the stress of you and your employees.

The so-called holiday season is when employees are supposed to take a break from hard-work and stress, yet ironically these troubles only seem to go up during this time. 


Whether it’s panicking over presents, decorating the house, or keeping the children out of mischief, employees can return to work more exhausted than ever. It’s why we created this list of the best relaxation kits available for employees. 


Check out our favorite corporate holiday gifts to ensure employees are revitalized for the new year. 


Wooden Stacking Zen Stones

Five wooden stacking zen stones_

When life goes at a million miles an hour, it’s good practice for employees to find their inner yin and yang to navigate through uncertain times.


These wooden stacking stones are a novel way of de-stressing while being a creative activity. Creating a fully stacked tower can add some holiday swag to your employees Christmas!  

Eco Lambswool Throw

What finer way is there to ignore the worries of the office, than curling up on the sofa on a winter’s night?


With the snow falling and the fire crackling, this cosy lambswool throw completes the ultimate night in.


Plus, it’s made from recycled materials, so that’s another worry off your employee’s mind.


Reusable Tea Infuser


Whether it’s green tea, an earl grey or even a jasmine, tea is a great way to soothe the mind and body.


It’s why we recommend this reusable tea infuser for the best way to make tea, regardless of whether your employees prefer loose leaf or bags. 

Lavender Scented Bath Bomb

We all need a minute to ourselves, and there’s no better way of spending that well deserved minute than a bubble bath.


With the addition of this lavender scented bath bomb, all pain and hardship disappears – at least until the water turns cold. 


However your employees wish to unwind, whether it’s the sofa, a soak, or a puzzle, we think these company holiday gifts are the ultimate way for staff to have a truly relaxing break during the holiday season.



If you still can’t find the perfect holiday swag for your staff, check out our other blogs for more amazing company holiday gift boxes to show gratitude this holiday season.

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