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The Power of United B Corps

It’s tough being a B Corp. First, there are legal obligations to meet. Every B Corp needs to pass stringent tests that rate their performance in five critical areas: environment, workers, employees, community, and governance. Fail any of these and the B Corp certification is taken from them. To find out exactly what differentiates a B Corp, from a standard company, you should read our ‘B Corp – It’s More Than Just a Certificate’ article that dives into how we go about our business.


While this  B Impact Assessment is challenging enough, we still have to compete with all these massive companies that don’t have to meet anything like the tough standards that we face.


There’s a famous saying by Tecumseh that goes, “A single twig breaks, but the bundle of twigs is strong.” We think this can apply to B Corps. In this article, we’re going to look at how B Corps can collaborate with each other, which, in turn, allows both businesses to flourish.

Pass the love on. A snowball of compassion is possible by working together to achieve huge things

Why bother?

As a B Corp, we understand the difficulties of operation. It’s true that sometimes it’s easier to pick the easy route and use established big player names when collaborating or trading. There are a couple of reasons why this often isn’t the best idea, and instead, we should seek B Corp alternatives to help with our business needs.


Hypocrisy is a strong wrong and we don’t think it applies to every business-to-business occasion that occurs between a B Corp and a regular company. That being said, it doesn’t look great if a B Corp that prides itself on, for example, being carbon neutral, only to partner up with a corporate behemoth that chops down trees for fun[e]. This is especially true if there’s an up-and-coming, ecologically responsible B Corp that can be used for the project. This hinders another B Corp from its business and commitments to social uplift. Not only is this a bit unfair to a fellow B Corp but it’s also a missed marketing opportunity to prove your business goes beyond what’s required from the B Lab assessments.


While it is a great marketing opportunity, us B Corps didn’t get into business to maximize our profitability, otherwise, we wouldn’t sign up for all the extra social and ecological responsibilities that we place on ourselves. What we truly want to see is to see the maximum output of ‘good’ from the efforts we put in. B Corps working together is a bit like the snowball effect. We’ll use one of our own examples to explain what we’re on about.


As a B Corp, DGW Branded is committed to surpassing our community goals. We hire those from the foster care system to give them the skills, training, and mentorship they need to succeed. When creating our famous holiday kits we partnered with Soapbox, an awesome B Corp maker of soaps and other skincare products. This company in turn donates a bar of soap to someone in need for every purchase. If we only used traditional businesses for these holiday kits, the chain of compassion would have ended with us.

Tiny acorns can grow into mighty oaks. The strength comes from B Corp unity

Maximize the good

It’s not just us who have partnered with fellow B Corps to ‘maximize the good.’ B the change posted some brilliant success stories that will inspire business connections that share our common goal. While we recommend reading the whole article, one of our favorite collaborations, and a great example of how B Corps can work together to achieve mutual success, is that of Luke’s Lobster and its partners.


The business realized its ability to grow as a seafood restaurant brand depended upon the sustainability of its produce. No seafood = no seafood restaurants. As a result, the company felt compelled to use other B Corps as its primary product source. These fellow B Corps were just as motivated as Luke’s Lobster to preserve this natural produce.


Now, the business has “more than two dozen locations across the U.S., $50 million in annual sales and about 300 employees” so it’s fair to say that this B Corp to B Corp collab was the right choice for Luke’s Lobster.


If your business is B Corp certified, you might be wondering how you can also work with other B Corps. B Labs has a great directory with all the registered US B Corps – that way it’s easy to find other companies who follow a similar ethos to your own company.

Taking on the big guys while helping the less fortunate. B Corps can chive great things when working together

A final note

There are a plethora of ways B Corps can unite to achieve business and societal success. We believe that by being united rather than working against each other can achieve the best results from a business perspective and help our community, the planet and take on the big businesses that are putting profit before the people.


So, should every business go B? That’s a tough question and one we answer in great depth in our next article, ‘Should Every Business Be a B Corp?’ Even if you’re not ready to make the step into taking the B Impact Assessment you can still partner with B Corps to help them thrive to pursue the dream of a fairer, more equitable world.


To see if partnering with DGW Branded is something your business would like to pursue, check out our website to see if the products and services we offer are suitable for your business needs. You can also contact one of our experts to find out more about how we can meet your requirements. 


As we mentioned earlier, DGW Branded goes above and beyond for our community. One of the ways we try and help is with regard to those in the foster care system. Take a read about how we give opportunities to give individuals a true chance at life. Lastly, if you would like to get in contact with one of our experts to discuss our products, or to see about possible B Corp collaborations – let us know!

Let's Do Good Together.

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