Virtual Employment Engagement Ideas 2021

While there are benefits to remote working; a drastically reduced commute, casual and convenient work, and secretly working in pajamas, many issues have arisen due to the shift away from the office.

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Online work can cause mental distress due to working oftentimes in isolation from others, without interaction with colleagues, or support from managers.


Communication can become more challenging, and therefore the engagement between employee and company can be drastically reduced.



In this article we look at ways a business’s staff can remain engaged with their work and engaged with colleagues even when working in the virtual workspace. 

1. Come Dine With Me


There’s nothing like food to bring people together. A fun way to keep relationships close is to organize a ‘virtual dinner’. 


On a Friday night, colleagues can bond as they share the dish they’ve created. Angela might show off her salmon en croute, while Kevin receives the brunt of the jokes as his eggs on toast got burnt to a crisp. 


Either way, it’s a great way for colleagues to remain close even when far apart. What’s more, colleagues feel in a natural environment and may feel more comfortable discussing how a work problem might be solved while having this interactive space. 


Regardless, it’s a great way for employees to stay connected, find out more about each other, and keep morale high while in a less social physical environment. 

2. Ted Talks a Ted Talk

While nothing can replace the water-cooler small talk, or replicate chatting about the weather by the vending machine, interaction among colleagues doesn’t have to stop just because everyone’s in their own accommodation. 


In fact, the virtual webspace can create more meaningful dialogue among staff. 

In the last hour of a workday, employees can share something that means a lot to them. It can be something personal, like why their new kitten is the best thing on earth, or a personal passion like an awesome music album that just has to be listened to. 


These ideas can come alive as staff can share a presentation they’ve created, allowing full engagement. This is great for friendships to emerge and hobbies to be shared.

3. Employment Engagement Kits



Sometimes it’s the personal touch that can be the difference for an employee who decides their company can be where they pursue their career, rather than just another job. It’s why so many love our employment engagement kits. 


It can be stressful when working away from the office, so having everything that’s needed for a day of productivity in a thoughtful gift box can make all the difference. 


Because each box is customizable, you can be sure every employee is getting what they need to be fully confident and engaged with their work. The remote office essentials is a great idea for those who want a mini office from their bedroom. 


What’s more, these engagement kits don’t have to be all about work, work, work. Sending a thoughtful package, whether for the culinary talent in your ranks, or a plant pot and camper’s mug for a lover of the great outdoors, these gifts show an employee how much they are appreciated. 


By implementing some of these virtual employment ideas, we hope that work satisfaction among employees becomes even higher than when they were in the office. 


We suggest assessing the culture of the company to see what ways engagement can be increased that befits the philosophy and culture of the business. 


By following these guidelines, there’s no reason any business cannot thrive even with a workforce that isn’t predominantly office based. 

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