Women in Business: The Past, Present and Future

When looking at some of the most famous and iconic CEOs of the past few decades, for example, Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and Elon Musk we find they’ve all got something in common. 


No, we’re not talking about how they’re all lousy dancers, but the fact that they, and almost every other major CEO, just happen to be men. Why is this? Could it be that men are just inherently better suited for the boardroom? Testosterone the formula for what makes a business tick, whereas those without are predestined to be secretaries, not executives. Not quite.



As we’ll discover, there are multiple reasons why we haven’t seen many women in the top jobs. Of course, this isn’t ability related, rather the endless discrimination and dogma that women have had to overcome.



The rewards from decades of persistence in the fight for liberation are finally able to be grasped as we see greater representation and faster rates of progress than ever before. Those who are now free from the shackles of discrimination have proven what powerful women in business can do. In order to celebrate these achievements, we need to understand the struggles that have occurred to reach where we are today. 


In this article, we’re going to talk about this movement. How women have overcome the barriers of entry, and are now beginning to break the glass ceiling. We reason how this is liberating not just to the women at the top, but for the whole of society, as we then begin to look at some of the most amazing women-owned businesses in our next article[a][b].

The Past, Present and Future

We need to remember that the fight for justice, isn’t just a fight for women, but for everyone. It’s amazing to think about what future innovations and success can be accomplished as we continue to liberate the oppressed and how this benefits the whole of humankind. This fight isn’t just for those in America. Who knows which genius has no outlet due to discrimination, or which creative mind isn’t able to access the right tools.


As we continue to empower, the greater chance we have at finding the person who can help solve the climate crisis or prevent the next pandemic. It’s why it’s so important to support women-owned businesses so we can continue to create the best future possible and to inspire the next generation that there are no restrictions on what any one person can achieve.

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