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Women-Owned Businesses: Our Favorite Products

“The future is female.” This is a powerful statement but one that holds true if the business world continues to feel the full force of powerful women owned businesses.

In our article Women in Business: The Past, Present and Future, we explained just how long it took, and the sufferings that women endured to reach where they are today. We warned that while we can celebrate the success of today, sexism and discrimination has yet to be fully eradicated from the boardrooms and the office and we must continue to support women-owned businesses who are succeeding against the odds. 

That’s why we created a list of some of the top women-owned businesses in the US today. We celebrated the accomplishments of these pioneers of industry who created products such as TeaDrops and Partake Foods that we can’t get enough of! When compiling that list, we wished we could have had included hundreds more spectacular success stories from women who battled their way to the top. 

We decided we had to include some more inspiration from women-owned businesses we should support. That’s why we created this list: 10 products created by women-owned or led companies that are must-haves for everyone.

If you’re still wanting inspiration we have two other product lists that celebrate ethical business practices.

Environmentally-friendly products and those made by Black-led companies should also be added to your shopping basket! 


Minted / Marabou Design’s – Paramount

Minted is a little bit different from some of the other businesses we have listed here. Instead of being a company that makes and sells products, it is a community of independent female artists who share this platform to sell their products and inspire each other into creating some truly spectacular artistic creations. Minted’s userbase votes on their favorites and Minted then puts these products for sale. The community is so big that you can find Minted artists in over 100 countries and all 50 US States. Because of how many artists are featured here, you really must visit their website and see what matches your tastes (and vote for the ones you love the most!) 

Of course, this article has to choose just one, and there were many fierce debates in the office over which one deserves to be listed. There were lots of great nominations but in the end, we decided that Marabou Design’s Paramount is the winner. We love how the vibrancy of the flowers is intertwined with the soft hues and delicate palette of the model. As the artist explains her process as a way to “express the beauty and gentleness of a Black woman in all her feminine power.” 

Young woman assembling a canvas frame using a drill while working at a bench in her picture framing studio

Pipcorn – Pipcorn Truffle Mini Popcorn 4 oz

Pipcorn got off to a heck of a start – from experimenting in their Brooklyn apartment to being featured by Oprah as one of her favorite products. It was when pitching on Shark Tank when Pipcorn really started to pop off. After wowing Barbara Corcoran, the business started selling their sweet snacks at Whole Foods and more events than they could count!

We admit there are worse jobs than having to sample all of Pipcorn’s delicious treats. Many bags, multiple movies, and a slight tummy ache later, we think we’ve finally found our winner… Pipcorn Truffle mini popcorn! While the company makes some mighty-fine traditional flavors like butter and salt, it’s the truffle variety that will really have your friends talking. Don’t believe us? Grab a bag, and tell us how right we are in the comments below! 

Top view of a pot full of freshly popped popcorn with salt and unpopped kernels on the side.

Mini Melanie – Gold Sample Corporate Box

All that popcorn – sorry, Pipcorn – has got us hungry for dessert (yes, we know we have sweet teeth here at DGW!) We know just who to visit: Mini Melanie. Mini Melanie’s cakes are just to die for, sweet without being only good for sugar fanatics, they are rich and creamy and you can tell that only the best of ingredients go into their desserts. These cakes can be custom designed so can make a wedding day extra special, a birthday one to never forget, or just a Friday night in seem less lonely (don’t judge us).

To maximize quality, Mini Melanie can only ship their cakes in and around New York, but thankfully they have corporate packages available wherever you live in the USA. Doing Good Works doesn’t skimp about so we’re going to suggest going all in and go straight for the Gold Sampler. This box contains 24 truffles, 10 individually wrapped cookies, 12 holiday cake pops, and a cookie cake with an edible logo. This box will make all your employees fall in love with you! 

Hilma – De-Stress Bundle

After all that popcorn and cookies, we might need to get some help for our bodies. Luckily, Hilma can help. Hilma has everything needed to help your body work as a well-oiled machine. Whether you need help with tension, your digestive system, or support for your period, Hilma has what you need. Lily, Nina, and Hilary who founded Hilma, wanted a more natural way to help cleanse their bodies, to eschew all the chemicals and nasty stuff found elsewhere in the market. What they did was remarkable, with some leading scientists they created some natural remedies that actually work. As Forbes declares, “this New Natural Remedy Startup is using clinical studies to raise the bar for the wellness industry.”

Of course, depending on your aches and pains, each of Hilma’s lines of products can be the perfect body booster for you, but while that is the case, there’s one thing we believe everyone could benefit from. That’s why we’re giving Hilma’s De-Stress Bundle a spot on our list. Whether it’s work, family, pandemic-related craziness, but it seems the stresses and strains of life are taking their tolls now more than ever. 

In this bundle, you receive Tension Relief capsules, all naturally made, including White Willow Extract and Chinese Skullcap Extract among other natural ingredients that can help alleviate physical stresses. The De-stress tea is really delicious, never mind all the health benefits it brings, and it’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day. Also included in this delightful package is a De-Stress Candle, just light this baby up and all your troubles will melt away! The De-Stress Bundle can also make a great gift for anyone you know who’s feeling the pressure recently. 

closeup of a dropper bottle and a pile of purple flowers on a purple background


They say the best things in life are free, and while we all appreciate a nice hug and to see a pretty butterfly sometimes you just need to wrap yourselves up in some luxury goodness. That’s why everyone at DGW Branded visits Parachute when we need something softer than soft. It’s why Ariel Kaye, Founder, and CEO started this woman-owned business. As she says, “I created Parachute to bring more comfort to your world through premium, accessible essentials.”

Be warned, however. Their bedding is so comfy you’ll never want to get out of bed. Their linen robes make you feel so good, as soon as you’re forced into pants and a shirt, you’ll never want to leave the house again! 

Something that’s only ever a good thing is Parachute’s Eco Comfort Mattress. Of course, all of us here love it because it’s eco-friendly and 100% organic cotton. You’ll never need to visit your orthopedist again as it’s specially designed for optimal comfort and back support. Pair this with Hilma’s De-Stress kit and you’ll be in a constant state of peace and tranquility!

Soft comfortable bathrobe hanging on folding screen in stylish room interior


Lucie Kaas – Kokeshi doll I Frida, Día de Muertos

If you’re in the market for adorable decorations then look no further than the selection of great products Lucie Kaas has to offer. The company has a great range, from the cutest animal sculptures crafted in the finest maples and oaks, to vibrant glass donuts that look good enough to eat! We also love the completely out there MASQ mirrors which really push the boundaries of contemporary design.

From kitchenware to wall furnishing, there really is something for everyone to show off their personality in this amazing collection. Despite being crafted using only the best materials and featuring contemporary and forward-thinking styles, Lucie Kaas’ products are pretty affordable and can make a unique gift for that special someone. 

We can only choose one of their fabulous range of products to select, and so we’re going to have to go with the Kokeshi doll I Frida, Día de Muertos. Because this one’s Limited Edition, you’ll have to be quick to grab this colorful tribute to one of the great artists, Frida Khalo. After all, in keeping with the purpose of this list, we wish to celebrate the triumphs of all women and not just those in business! There are lots of other bright and wonderfully made figurines available, so you can snap up a mini Coco Channel, a RUN DMC tribute doll, or just get them all and have an awesome collection!

Good Dirt – Outdoor Potting Mix

Sometimes we want to get into gardening but can be quite apprehensive. Flowers and plants can take a lot of maintenance and without the right care and skill, the fluorescent leaves can quickly turn brown leaving us nothing more than a bad investment and a plant pot that needs emptying. That’s why we buy all our gardening needs from Good Dirt as they have everything we could ever ask for to help us and the environment around us. They make it really easy to get started by providing a helping hand with their Plant Food and PlantBiotics so all your leafy friends can be completely pampered. 

It doesn’t matter if your getting your fingers green for the first time or a landscaping expert. Good Dirt provides everything you need while also making sure all their products derive from renewable plant-based components. As Co-founder Suzy Newsom says, “We want to help make the Earth a clean place, respecting and caring for it so future generations can all enjoy gardening.” 

We wholeheartedly agree with this statement but we can’t select every Good Dirt product for our list. No, we can only have one winner, of course, and we’re going to award the Outdoor Potting Mix with that honor. We think you’d benefit from all of Good Dirt’s products to help turn your garden from barren to bloom, but with the Outdoor Potting Mix, you really can see the difference straight away.

Compared with standard soil, you’ll notice just how much bigger and healthier your plants will be. Roots can breathe and nutrients will flow right to the roots will this special formula.


United Sodas – Blackberry Jam

USA! USA! That’s right, when you take your first sip of these delicious sodas, we’re all going to be should for United Sodas of America! We love everything about these game-changing soft drinks. From the minimalist design, the incredible fruity flavors, to the fact that each and every can is made with organic, plant-derived ingredients. 

Honestly, we want to just go right ahead and declare the Variety Pack the winner. It contains 12 cans all of different flavors so you can sample which one is your favorite. Toasted Coconut and Young Mango are our favorites, let us know what you think is number one in the comments below! 

Buuut because this is sadly sold out, and because we don’t want to be accused of cheating by declaring the big pack of everything the winner, we went back to arguing amongst ourselves into oblivion by choosing one soda that rules them all. We’re going for… (drumroll please!) Blackberry Jam. Rich, bold, and undeniably jammy. This soda is unlike any soft drink you’ve ever had and is a worthy winner from some fizzy competition. 

Fresh homemade blackberry jam in glass jar on a wooden background

Hatch – Cannes Gown

Let’s face it; pregnancy sucks. What’s the worst part? For some expectant mothers, it’s morning sickness, others hate having to waddle like a penguin, and many complain of suffering from contraption after contraption. A less talked about but still very painful part of pregnancy is having to give up beautiful frocks and gowns that highlight our figures.

That’s why Ariane Goldman started Hatch, beautiful and comfy clothes for every stage of pregnancy, from the first trimester to the fourth. Hatch has all the same sorts of clothes you’d expect to find before pregnancy. So if it’s dresses, jumpsuits, or swimwear, Hatch can make sure there’s one less thing to worry about during pregnancy. 

In fact, some of Hatch’s hottest clothes will make you want to stay pregnant for longer… okay, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration but still, they do help you find comfort when you’d least expect it! 

The fashion piece that we’re going to award a place on our list is Hatch’s the Cannes Gown. We know, we know, it is a bit pricier than some of the other products that they sell. But it’s soooo beautiful and will instantly make you forget that your pregnant, and who can put a price on that?


Sicily Hill – Lavender Tea Triple Wick Candle

Do Sicily Hill make the best candles in the world? It’s a strong claim but we wouldn’t want to argue against it. These luxury candles are the perfect accompaniment to your evening of leisure. We love the Cappuccino Triple Wick as it’s gentle wafts of caramel and espresso helped us really unwind. The 26oz. Oversized Champagne Candle is the best possible way to take your barbeque to the next level, and it will really help you enjoy your favorite glass of wine (or champagne) while sitting on the veranda. 

Although we adore these candles, it’s the Lavender Tea Triple Wick Candle that we’ve really fallen in love with. The calming notes of lavender are strong without being overpowering. Its long-lasting wax will mean you’ll end up staying in your bubble bath all night long.

When Sicily Hill was founded in 2017 by Jessica Hill Howard, she wanted to make the “chicest candles to the consumer.” In our humble opinion, she certainly succeeded and we can’t wait to find out the next scent in the collection!

Ingredients and tools for handmade aroma candles. Organic soy wax, essential oils, wicks, pots. Craft hobby, small business, artisan products concept


A final note

Thanks for checking out our list, hopefully, you’ve also checked out some of the products into your shopping bag! In all seriousness, while we don’t necessarily expect everybody to spend all their money on these products, we hope that we’ve opened some eyes as to all the incredible creations these women-owned businesses have made. When we consider that this is just a tiny fraction of all the women-owned businesses out there, it’s truly inspiring and gives us great hope for the future.

As we found out in our  Women in Business article, there’s still a long way to go before we can say that we’ve achieved everything women over the decades have protested for but the more we support women-owned businesses the closer we shall come to achieving the goal of full equality in business, politics, and every other aspect of society.

About DGW Branded

As a B Corp, DGW Branded takes pride in thinking beyond profit. We strive to see a more diverse America represent all of its people, as well as being more responsible to the planet we all share. That’s why we write articles such as these. 

Furthermore, we hire those from the foster care system to help pack our orders. To find out more about our workforce program, please visit this section of our website.

While we hope we’ve clarified some of the roles and responsibilities of each section of the B Corp movement, we’re always willing to help other businesses succeed in their societal and environmental responsibilities, please leave a comment if you have any questions. For your business needs, you can also speak to one of our experts to find out how DGW Branded can provide you with custom items for promo and staff needs.

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