Workforce Development Program Success Story

Tamar is an example of how powerful change can be achieved if the right support is provided. We sat down with her to discuss her time in the Workforce Development program and what working with DGW Branded means to her.

Tamar is one of our first Workforce Development employees. She took the opportunity to work at DGW Branded in the packout team and hasn’t looked back since. We’re so proud of the journey Tamar has taken, from foster care to DGW Branded and now a key member of our Outreach team. 

One of the strongest ways to connect with people is through stories. Whether it’s a page-turner of a book or a masterfully filmed movie, there is one thing for sure: stories capture an audience’s attention. 


We have our own story at DGW Branded, a tale of transformation that has turned branded merchandise into a place of hope for over 100 other former foster youths.

I’ll never forget my first day at DGW Branded. While it was great to be given the opportunity to learn new skills and be given a stable job what I loved the most was being allowed to take home the products that I had used in learning the print and design process! 


I never thought I would have the opportunity to be a key member of the design and production process of a business. I will be eternally grateful to those who allowed me to creatively flourish. In the Workforce Development Program, I came up with my own art and had it printed on a shirt with the new skills I learned during the workshop. That was one of my favorite memories.




Being able to print my own art onto a tangible product showed me how my art can be printed in many ways and have a positive impact on others. It is not just about the design or logo, it is the uplifting experience that goes along with creating and printing it. 

Jordan Bartlett, Co-Founder of DGW Branded, guided me through the print workshop, ranging from UV printers, heat presses, and DTG apparel printers, and we were able to create our own shirts, reusable bags, and name tags to take home with us after the process. I went home from work that first day having learned the difference between each type of printer, what materials could be used, and how the ink or graphics would adhere.  


DGW Branded understands the struggles facing so many youths and is here to go above and beyond what is expected to provide support and opportunities for them. I would describe DGW Branded as a family. The team goes out of their way to make me, and other employees feel comfortable, free, and expressive of individuality. That is what makes us so much different than other companies. By using our mentorship and eight domains, employees are motivated to go above and beyond, as well as harness our full potential by consistently improving our skills. 

It became a new sense of appreciation for the people who make my clothing as well as an understanding of the technology behind it. Programs similar to the one I was a part of are so essential for upcoming generations, especially those who have had a larger disadvantage at the start of their life. Not only did the training benefit former foster youth and me but my employers as well – knowing that their employees have gained new skills and insight into how the process could be even more efficient. 


Coming from someone who has had a difficult upbringing, I can tell you from personal experience that this was the first, and only successful workforce development program that has been offered to me, and it is essential that other companies take on training like this to help build a better, more sustainable future. 


– Tamar Sebesta

One More Thing

We’d like to thank Tamar for all the incredible things she has done at DGW Branded. Her story is inspiring but she’s not the only former foster youth who has been a member of our Workforce Development program. As of May 2022, over 100 former foster youth have had the opportunity to transform their lives. As Tamar told us, it’s more than a job that’s provided, it’s the training, skills, and personal connections that are made along the way. We do what we do so we can create more stories like Tamar’s and continue to create a positive impact in our community. 


We’d love for you to be involved in our mission. To do so, please fill in this form or give us a call at 949-354-0400 to speak directly with one of our experts. Together we can make a world of difference.

Let's do good together.

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