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April 29, 2021
Doing Good Works in the World- Apollo Energy

"From the moment I began working with Apollo Energy, it was clear that everyone involved not only cared about the planet but also about the people that inhabit it. Apollo Energy is Denver's first solar company to earn a B Corporation certification and our positive impact on the world can be easily measured in 5-star customer experiences and employee longevity in addition to tons of offset carbon emissions."

Our planet is at a state of risk and as a global community we are starting to see real changes being made with policy and social pressure. How are companies responding to this crisis? As a community of B-corp’s it is our responsibility to influence each other and corporations to change to sustainable practices that won’t fill up our landfills and further pollute our air. Apollo Energy is the first certified B-corp regarding solar energy in Denver, Colorado. Melissa Theesen and John Striebel had a vision of merging solar and nonprofits companies to create the best local solar company in all of Denver. Becoming a certified B-corp is hard enough, and in Colorado there are only 100. Out of the 500 different solar companies in the state, Apollo Energy is the first to make the steps at becoming a B-corp. As a business, they make decisions that hold values as of what a business should be and truly care about employee and customer feedback. You can feel safe by becoming a partner or customer of theirs due to their standards of holding themselves accountable so that the environment is not being harmed and their quality is being met. Apollo Energy has installed  about 10,000 solar panels which actually offset 4 billion pounds of coal, and has blocked over 3,000 metric tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Let’s thank them for clean air! If you are interested in reaching out, check out on their website www.harnessoursun.com, as well as Local Mountain, their marketing agency. They can provide you with services such as web content, copywriting, and SEO. What you might find on their page is content relating back to Apollo Energy such as solar, sustainability, and exploration of this beautiful planet we all call home. As a community it is our task to make sure we are held accountable for our business practices and our planet will thank us in return. 

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