The ultimate guide

DGW Branded 


Our Wheat Mug is a much more eye-catching (and environmentally friendly) promotional item.

Sustainable Wheat Mug


Cables are a thing of the past, and its wheat straw and plastic construction makes it a far more sustainable promotional product than rival products.

Wheat Wireless Charging Pad


After the candle is burned, the ceramic container becomes a planter for growing non-GMO seeds (included in kit)! 

Flow and Grow Kit


It can also be used in the digital world with a capacitive stylus. As an eco-friendly and unique pen, it far outweighs the traditional ballpoint pen.

Wheat Straw Pen


For every purchase, a tree is planted somewhere in the country. The container is made in the US and is 100% biodegradable – which helps heal nutrient-depleted soil.

Eco-Friendly Tree Kit


A simple, yet ingenious hydroponic system ensures that your beloved plant always receives the right amount of water. Even the busiest office worker can manage the plant.

self- watering planter


This portable power bank is made of sustainable bamboo material making it the best way for your employees to keep connected wherever they are at. 

bamboo power bank


It's just like writing on regular paper using a Pilot FriXion pen,  but better! Instead of losing your notes, they’ll be uploaded straight to the cloud.

Rocket Book


Arguably the most eco-friendly bag out there.  It’s sturdy, reusable and washable – so should last just as long as a conventional tote bag.

washable  kraft  paper bag


Made of bamboo fiber fabric, this item is both natural and sustainable.

sustainable lunch cooler