Hiring remote employees presents a unique set of challenges that can be easily overlooked.

But here are some tips to help get you started!

There is no "one size fits all" solution for onboarding remote employees...

Create a special video to personally welcome your new hire. 


It doesn't need to be fancy! Just use your phone or laptop to film a quick video.

Expert Tip: Use a QR code to add the video to any package or letter!

Send newly hired employees a custom swag package. 


This can include items like a t-shirt, water bottle, stickers, and even a note welcoming them to the team!

Expert Tip: Swipe up to check out our pre-made kits or customize your own!

Offer new employees lunch or coffee delivery on their first day. 


Create a corporate account to offer food delivery to employees or even send them a quick gift card through a swag package or email service!

Invite new members to your fun company social channels!


If your company has a channel for communication, be sure to share the fun office culture to welcome your employees.

Expert Tip: Share fun memes, gifs, and emojis to get  them LOL'ing

Pair your new employees up with a mentor on their first day. 


They can help serve as a guide for any questions, advice or anything needed to make them feel as comfortable on their first day.

Create a Custom Experience for Remote Employees Today!