Disengaged employees cost U.S. companies up to $550 billion a year

Employee engagement can make or break an office…

How will you keep your employees engaged during the second wave of COVID-19?

Find out what they want- ask them! 


Consider doing a quick check with your employees or managers. See what kind of demands will really benefit the team.

Show appreciation for their hard work.


We're thinking of something more creative than just a virtual gold star... like sending an employee appreciation gift!

Be realistic with workloads


Be fair with workloads and don’t fall under the implication that employees have more time on their hand.

Get everyone on board with new initiatives.


Be sure to get everyone on board with new ideas or procedures taking place.  Feedback is critical when working remotely.

Treat people kindly.


Kindness and patience can  go a long way during these trying times.  Consider doing wellness checks with your employees to ensure their safety and health is prioritized throughout.

Need some help? 

DGW Branded specializes in projects that help employees feel appreciated, even while working remote.