The  Foster Care System  is Broken

The foster care system is failing young adults.

Foster care children face unnecessary difficulties in life... even decades after leaving the foster care system.

Check out these shocking stats

experience homelessness within four years of emancipation


give birth to a child between ages 15-19


have been incarcerated by age 21


experience post-traumatic stress


are unemployed by age 24


graduate from college


Check out what this company is doing to improve these outcomes.  

They use business to help improve the lives of those who have experienced foster care.

They hire former foster youth to help with packaging and fulfillment orders.

Their intern program includes 1-on-1 life skill mentoring!

and 100% of employees are Trauma Trained! 

This helps to create a compassionate and safe working environment. 

For more info about their mission and products visit:

And remember....

Be Kind. Love More. Do Good.