4.4 million people

quit their jobs in September...

A staggering

A rampaging and deadly virus has shaken the core of American society

But its not the pandemic its…

The Great Resignation

The past couple of years have caused more confusion and uncertainty for the American worker than any time since the Great Depression

There is a big misconception that it is only because of this virus that millions are quitting their jobs.

Although the pandemic acted as a catalyst...

job resignations were at a record high in 2019

But what’s causing so many people to leave their jobs without any guarantee of a better job?

Its simple...

Its simple...people are fed up with crooked capitalism and standard corporate culture

People, regardless of their industry, 

are no longer accepting low wages 

while working in stressful and oftentimes dangerous jobs, with little to no benefits or appreciation.

and how do we fix this?

But what's next?

The B Corp Difference: 

Although we've reached unprecedented levels of resignations B Corps remain largely unaffected...

Less than 50% of U.S. workers feel that they are in good jobs.

While 98% of employees surveyed at Certified B Corps

said they were highly satisfied with where they work

B Corps have created work environments where staff feel like that they are doing something that counts.

Because they are legally bound to put the interests of their community, environment, and workforce first...

its no surprise that B Corps have been largely unaffected by the great resignation.