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How your company can participate in Black History Month

“Those that fail  to learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

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The first official  Black History Month  was in 1976.

the history

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February was chosen  as Frederick Douglas  and Abraham Lincoln both have birthdays in this month.

history cont. 

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A social media message is great to spread the word  but businesses  can do more…

what now?


Learn about noteworthy black figures and their contributions

If we want to strive for a more prosperous future, first we must understand the past

Donate to Charities  That Support Equality

Prove that your business is one that takes genuine action in the continued fight against racism by making financial donations to charities such  as KIND and SARI.


Participate in Online Events

Swipe up for online events  that every company can use to educate employees for Black history from slavery to  Black Lives Matter.


Support  Black-Owned Businesses

Allow innovation to prosper, and communities to flourish… while also buying awesome products!


DGW goes beyond our self-interest, We want to see all ethically-responsible  businesses to grow. 

That’s why we have dedicated pages for businesses making  a difference

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